Class photos and Feedback

My youngest ever signer! Lois got her1st sign certificate for Milk at just 9 weeks old!
We are more than just a signing group and every week we have at least one sensory activity!

Just want to say a huge thank you because I really feel like our being able to communicate avoids so many tantrums!
Tinytalkers Meghan & Hugo,
Nottingham West

Social time means lots of playing (and snoozes!)
We teach core signs (BSL one word signs) each week and practise via action songs

Love our Tiny Talk lessons! We have been taking R since he was about 3 months and now go to toddler sign which was a brilliant when I was pregnant as I had no energy to entertain him and is still amazing now that we go as a 3. We had a baby sign lesson for W today which was great and can't wait to start these lessons with him as they really helped with early communication. We've already started with milk 😍 Such a great lessons for little ones to interact and learn sign, I always feel like my brain gets used too learning and remembering all the signs and I've met so many lovely mums that I like to natter with each week! Can not recommend these lessons enough!
TinyTalkers Christabel, Rowan & Wren,
Nottingham West

Those first classes are SO important so we love giving out first class certificates!
We celebrate when our little ones learn signs with certificates which make lovely keepsakes!

By far the best baby class I go to and I look forward to it every week!
TinyTalkers Joanne & Max,
Nottingham West

We always have an array of different props and in social time babies can play independently
We charge a price per family and love having siblings join us! Fun for ALL the family!

Oliver and I have been attending her classes for a long old time and we were ecstatic when we found out she had done her toddler class training so we can continue our tiny talk journey with her for even longer! She’s always been so welcoming, she’s enthusiastic and gets all parents and children involved! My son loves it and has such an amazing bond with Laura! I’m so happy that we found her classes and Oliver is doing so well with his signs thanks to all her hard work
TinyTalkers Rachel & Oliver,
Nottingham West

Our wonderful Stapleford venue with lots of lovely hopping bunnies!
A lovely note from one of my first TinyTalk families <3

We are so grateful to you and the other tiny talk teachers for giving us the gift of baby sign! It is such a joy to be able to sign with Eoin and to see him communicate with us!
TinyTalkers Vanessa, Patrick and Eoin,
Nottingham West

TinyTalker Dylan being a Sleeping Rabbit!
TinyTalker Oscar enjoying his props in class!

My son Murphy loves the classes and is always full of smiles throughout. Laura is always so accommodating and understanding and always makes a point of having a little chat with you. She’s great at what she does and we love our classes!
TinyTalkers Jodie & Murphy,
Nottingham West

Every week we have a musical section where we shake along to our favourite songs
TinyTalker Daisy enjoying our Mirror sensory activity

Laura is a fantastic teacher. She is friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Classes are well managed and covid safe and her communication is excellent. We love our TinyTalk Tuesdays!
Tinytalkers Laura & Gracie,
Nottingham West

TinyTalk Oscar (aka bat baby) enjoying some spooky Halloween peek a boo
Covid-19 safe practice guidance

Grace really loves the classes. I'd recommend them to anyone you really are great at what you do !
TinyTalkers Vicky & Grace,
Nottingham West

Covid-19 safe practice guidelines
Covid Secure Training completion badge

We love Laura’s TinyTalk classes! My little boy is almost 7 months and is now signing ‘milk’ to let me know when he’s hungry. Adorable and really useful helping him to communicate 😀 Laura is a great teacher and the classes are lots of fun.
Tinytalkers Sam & Dylan,
Nottingham West