Connect with your baby. Chat with your child.



Start communicating with your newborn baby and encourage bonding and curiosity, with classes that combine gentle songs and simple signs.

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Learn to communicate with your baby before they can speak, at an award-winning TinyTalk baby signing class.

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TinyTalk is for toddlers too. Our quality classes continue to develop your child’s communication skills whilst you're having a brilliant time together.

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a teacher

Join our expanding team of passionate teachers and discover a rewarding job that works for you and your family.

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at home

Whether you want to learn baby signing at home, build on what you learned in class or find a perfect gift for a grandparent or new parent, our shop has what you need.

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others say!

We're thrilled we have so many happy customers: both families at classes and clients at our training programmes. We even have a few celebrities who love TinyTalk…!

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