About our Baby Signing Classes

Learn to communicate with your baby before they can speak, at an award-winning TinyTalk baby signing class.

What can you expect at a TinyTalk class?

Weekly themes such as bedtime, family or a trip to the park give you the signs you need to share baby’s world and daily routine, using British Sign Language (BSL) signs

An interactive music class featuring well-known nursery rhymes, action songs, specially composed music and instruments

Hands-on sensory activities delight your baby and develop all-round communication skills such as vocalising, listening and taking turns. They also stimulate your baby’s senses, encourage their tracking skills and develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

Time to relax with a cuppa and make new friends whilst your baby enjoys social playtime

TinyTalk classes are run in blocks of 12 weeks, though you can often start at any time (subject to space). Each block covers the most important 50 core signs which we know will make a huge difference. Our classes do not repeat across a year and, as babies' interests develop, so many families choose to return time after time. We cover 150 signs in all, and a few amazing babies have learned almost all of them!

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Why baby signing?

A signing baby:

can tell you what they're thinking about BEFORE they can talk

can tell you what they want, how they're feeling or what they're looking at

is a very happy, chuffed little being - DELIGHTED to be understood!

has very happy parents / carers who have 'a window to their baby's mind' (and don't need to 'guess'!)

is a confident communicator, with an early understanding of language AND able to express themselves

And signing does NOT stop babies talking!

In fact, because at TinyTalk we ALWAYS teach signs with speech, showing our babies how to make the signs and how to say the words, many of our signing babies also start to make early attempts at initial speech sounds, e.g. 'm' for 'Mummy', when they're making the signs. Our babies are keen to get their message out! (And their parents / carers are keen to support them, knowing how much they have to say before they can actually speak.)

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About our Newborns
Communication Classes

Having a new baby is a wonderful thing. However it can be challenging. At TinyTalk Newborns:

We blend gentle songs and rhymes to encourage learning, bonding and curiosity in babies up to 12 weeks old.

We teach age-appropriate BSL signs for you to use at home with your baby. Tiny babies can respond to the signs you make and eventually make them for themselves, making them an active participant in family life rather than a passive observer.

This is a class for YOU, to help strengthen the bond with your newborn baby, deepen understanding of their behaviours and help your baby transition through the ‘4th trimester’.

Each class contains a communication-themed activity to support your baby’s development, help you tune in to their sensory cues and give you ideas to soothe and settle them at home (even if they are asleep or feeding during class)!


About our Toddler Talking Classes

TinyTalk is for toddlers too. Our quality classes continue to develop your child's communication skills whilst you're having a brilliant time together. It's the TinyTalk you love, but more physical and interactive to suit developing minds. Toddlers are not meant to sit still!

Build toddlers' speech development, confidence and social skills.

Familiar TinyTalk action songs, stories and puppets your child loves.

Learn concepts such as counting and colours plus a wider range of BSL signs.

Fun language games make communicating fun.

Toddler Talking Classes are generally suitable from around 18 months, but talk to your local teacher about which class will best suit your little one.