TinyTalk Warrington, Newton & Lymm

Welcome to the TinyTalk Warrington, Newton & Lymm Scrapbook. Here you’ll be able to see what really goes on in my classes, as well as meeting all the clever babies showing off the signs they’ve learnt and now use all day long. It’s also a chance to find out what parents really think of the classes and baby signing. Enjoy!

Aaron signs 'all gone'
Adam signs 'sun'

Can I just say we have had a fantastic time at your lessons, loved every minute and have made a lovely couple of friends. Unfortunately work has got in the way boo :((. Can you say goodbye to everyone for me. Thanks again for such lovely lessons. Hope that more mums find out about TinyTalk as it is one of the best classes out there!
Liz - mum to Sophie,
Great Sankey

Annabelle signs 'fantastic!'
It was all too much for little Natalie after her 1st TinyTalk Christmas Party!

Abbey still uses quite a few of the signs we learned at TinyTalk especially the animal signs for mouse, frog, dog etc. Words can not describe how TinyTalk helped Dion and I to communicate with her. In the beginning she just giggled at our attempts to sign but up until that point we had rarely seen her laugh and she always had a blank look. With the signing she was so much more engaged and it definitely broke down the barrier between us. So to you I am eternally grateful.
Rosie - mum to Abbey,

Evan signs 'dog'
Matthew signing 'sit' to little sister Katie

We have loved every one of the classes.They are really friendly, sociable and fun to attend. She uses the signs and the class has been really beneficial for both of us, especially in those early days when adult company was needed! I would like to Thank you for everything! You are a great teacher and i recommend your class to every mum i speak to.
Karen - mum to Olivia,
Great Sankey

Having fun on a Friday!
Max signs 'bird'

I just wanted to let you know that Lewis is still signing. He uses milk, hot, pain, all gone, nappy and eat. He recognises all the animal signs we learnt and if you sign an animal will point it out in a picture but isn't really signing these yet. Lewis is nearly 17 months old and is just about walking. He only has a small vocab of spoken words so signing has been a great way of him telling us what he needs. We hit the "I don't know what I want but I want everything and nothing right now" phase a couple of months ago and as he can't quite say the words signing has stemmed a little of the frustration. Other than milk all gone is by far the most useful sign he has learnt and can be used to explain why people have left, why there is no more food, milk or his drink is finished, why a toy will not be appearing after being dropped for the 3rd time. So instead of the bottom lip trembling we just sign all gone and he moves on. Most of the time anyway!
Sam - mum to Lewis,
Great Sankey

Abbey signs 'nappy'
Hannah B signs 'milk'

I remember the day I realised what a gift baby signing was when I saw 10 month old Hazel in my rear view mirror, sitting in her car seat signing 'dog', as I looked around there was a large dog walking past, I was amazed and she was so excited and proud of herself when I told her what a clever girl she was. Daddy has also seen the value of signing, he and Hazel came up with their own sign for cricket which he proudly showed to everyone and anyone for the rest of the summer season. This became her Grandad's favourite sign!
Sarah - mum to Hazel,
Stockton Heath

Max signs 'food'
Here come the girls ... ! Lymm Christmas 2008

I just wanted to say a big thank you. Your TinyTalk classes have been excellent and so valuable to Erin's development. She really enjoyed attending the classes, and loves to sign. She is missing the class already!
Jaclyn - mum to Erin,
Great Sankey

Olivia signs 'milk'
My own little Father Christmas Max! Christmas 2008

I first heard about TinyTalk from a friend who said it was "great fun". I took Hannah along when she was around 5 months old. She immediately loved the lively songs and as the weeks went by began to get excited, responding with laughs and giggles to the musical toys and action rhymes. Each week I was given a written reminder of the signs we had used during the lesson so I could use them at home as well. I started using the sign for 'milk' before every feed without any obvious response at first but within a few weeks Hannah was smiling and getting excited when I did the sign. I added the sign for food and started using signs at bath times and during the bedtime routine as well. My whole family became aware of the signs and also used them when possible in everyday situations. One morning when Hannah was 8 and a half months old, she asked for her milk without prompted for the first time! Now 14 months old, Hannah uses the signs for 'milk', 'food', 'thank you', 'dirty', 'sleep' and 'bird' but understands the signs for many more words. She is so expressive with her hands in general and it is fantastic to see her communicate with people around her. My friend was right, TinyTalk is great fun and so rewarding for the whole family.
Jo - mum to Hannah,
Stockton Heath

Erin signs 'book'
Max L-D the Elf - Stockton Heath Christmas 2008
Clever Lucy (with mum Lara) with her 1st sign certificate
Playtime in Lymm
Hannah B signs 'dirty'
Let's shake, rattle and roll
Daniel signs 'food'
Oh the grand old Duke of York