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We absolutely love TinyTalk class, they are very fun, happy and interactive. I love the structure and that each class has a different theme, also the timing is just perfect as when they start to flag, it's the instruments/toy time and it gets back Cian's attention.
Lauren Smith,


We love coming to class! It's fun-learning and I hope she continues to use it throughout her life. I am so glad we found you Sophy! You really brighten the start of our week!
Gemma Wheeler,

“Quiet, Loud” story time

Thank you for a joyful class, Sophie and I have lots of fun and enjoy learning the way you teach us :-)
Jennie Tiller,

Music time
Making music

I love it. It's one of my favourite classes. I really enjoy coming to the class on a Monday. This is down to how relaxed and fun the class is, which is down to you and helped by the other mums too!
Michelle Chohan,

Yara turns 2!
We’re going to the Moon!

Absolutely fantastic! Already recognising signs at 6 months old!
Hannah Gray,

Zoom zoom zoom!
Exploring mirrors

We both really enjoy the class. I really like how each week is a theme. Olive likes all the singing and watching other babies, and I have loved meeting new mums and learning all the signs.
Kelly Soloman,

10th Sign Certificate
Hokey Cokey!

Very welcoming and enjoyable, he loves the songs and interaction. You have great enthusiasm! It is lovely to see the little ones excited by the songs and signing.
Lorna Dijkstra,

Play date on a Wet Day

Fun, friendly, great atmosphere, signs taught very well. We enjoy every minute of it!
Harefield Class

3 Little Monkeys Bouncing on the Bed!
1st certificate

Me and the little girl I nanny for love this class and has made her more confident. I can recognise more when she needs something
Zoe Thompkins,
Gerrards Cross

“Here are your eyes, what a surprise”!
“It’s raining, it’s pouring”!

Very enjoyable, a fun and easy morning. She mixes with other children and has the opportunity to play safely. A lovely voice to listen to.
Karlie Richards,

Dad celebrating his birthday!
Birthday Hat

We've loved it! Social interaction, communication, helps at home as he uses some signs to let us know what he wants. We've really enjoyed the classes and putting the signs into practice at home.
Lisa Szirtes,
Croxley Green

Yara’s 1st Sign Certificate
TinyTalk Toddlers

We love it. She is starting to understand "milk", I think it alleviates frustration.
Bushey Class

We absolutely love the classes and are the highlight of our mummy/daughter day on a Friday. It's so rewarding when she suddenly gets a sign!
Kerri Fabre,

It's a well organised programme, making it easy to follow and pick up signs. Fantastic, enjoyable class!!
Jackie Millman,

We both enjoy the classes greatly and feel that they are something to look forward to each week
Debbie Lee,

Friendly, a good place to learn but also socialise and catch up with other mums.
Terri Clifford,