About our Newborn Communication Classes

Having a new baby is a wonderful thing. However it can be challenging. At TinyTalk Newborns:

We blend gentle songs and rhymes to encourage learning, bonding and curiosity in babies up to 12 weeks old.

We teach age-appropriate BSL signs for you to use at home with your baby. Tiny babies can respond to the signs you make and eventually make them for themselves, making them an active participant in family life rather than a passive observer.

This is a class for YOU, to help strengthen the bond with your newborn baby, deepen understanding of their behaviours and help your baby transition through the ‘4th trimester’.

Each class contains a communication-themed activity to support your baby’s development, help you tune in to their sensory cues and give you ideas to soothe and settle them at home (even if they are asleep or feeding during class)!

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