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  • Signing Pack + 'relax' CD
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    This is integral to learning and teaching baby signing to your little one. It contains 150 signs for everyday life, organised into 11 categories, including a very wide range of popular animal signs. The sheets are double-sided and laminated (to wipe away any little ‘spills’ and all come in a handy folder. Each sign has a clear photograph, description and a space to chart your baby’s signing progress. There are also 21 ‘how to’ tips that cover areas such as when the best time is to start baby signing and why, what the best signs to start with are, who should be involved in the signing and lots of great ideas to make baby signing fun and part of your day-to-day communication. It’s essential!

    THE 'relax' CD

    This CD is what your baby has been waiting for. It has been designed especially for them. There’s no distracting background ‘music’. It’s just the sleepy songs on their own (all 34 of them), sung slowly to help little ones learn to listen and develop their language skills. The songs are also sung at the TinyTalk classes so the tunes, words and signs can all be reinforced (or practised) at home during the week. It has also been proved to be particularly effective on long car journeys.

What others think!

"I started using this product when my baby was 4 months old. 6 months on and we have a proper chat! Highly recommended."

"I really like the fact that it is wipe-clean too as my son wants to look at it with his sticky fingers!"

"It's really helpful to have a quick reference to check new signs and remind ourselves of ones we have learned in class."

"Brilliant for learning a wide range of songs."

"Great to take in the car and saves your voice on a long journey."

"I purchased the CDs so we could sing along to all the familiar songs at home and in the car. Each song is quite short and there are lots of different ones. There’s no background music so you can really focus on the words and the tunes. Lovely!"

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