Welcome to my TinyTalk Scrapbook

This is the place where we can share baby signing photos, those special TinyTalker moments and find out what parents think about baby signing and my classes in Cambridgeshire. Please do send me your special signing stories, thoughts and baby signing photos to add to the scrap book. Thank you!

Jack in the Box fun!
Very proud of her first certificate!

We have both enjoyed the classes. They have been a welcome relief for both of us during lockdown, as well as learning loads!
Hannah, Edie's mum,
Burwell, babies

First Toddler certificates in Burwell
A little lamb for Easter Week!

TinyTalk has been great. It's been really fun to see my son learn to sign. It was really useful in the early days and he loves the songs. Whenever he signs 'thank you' unprompted my heart melts a little bit.
Alex (daddy),
Whittlesford Toddlers

Not forgetting the bunnies
A very clever girl with her 30 signs certificate
Whittlesford Chistmas class
Our Burwell Christmas class
My TinyTalk Ted Claude modelling his new T-Shirt
Well done Daniel, you're first certificate!
Clever Mia with her first Sign Certificate
Anna signs biscuit
Sensory Bubble time!
Anna signs water