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"" Hello, I'm Lisa, your local TinyTalk Teacher. I decided to teach baby signing after my daughter Molly began signing successfully at a very young age, making my life easier and our relationship as a family more rewarding and less frustrating.

Molly attended her first TinyTalk class at around four months and signed for the first time at nine months by a year she had 10 plus signs under her belt.

I had looked around at
available classes and groups, but TinyTalk's baby sign language classes really stood out, I could go to a fun baby class and learn something amazingly useful at the same time! The class structure of signing, singing and baby sensory was great but with the added bonus of the social and support time at the end of each session. A chance to grab a hot cuppa and chat to other like minded parents, bliss.

I also notice as Molly grew older and started to speak, her words were extremely clear and well spoken and more often than not her first spoken words were the same as those she had signed. People to this day still comment on Molly's great communication skills at the ripe old age of 3.

As a family we had the benefit of communicating before she could speak, and she learned early that communication works so when words came they developed thick and fast. I believe the TinyTalk sessions played a huge part in this.


Using British sign language TinyTalk teaches you and your little one to sign many things, including the fundamentals to help make the frustrating days that bit easier so you can interpret what your little one is trying to tell you.

Basic signs like, Milk, Food, Sleep, Sore, will be picked up by your little one long before they can verbally communicate, helping them tell you what they need.

The class lasts an hour and is in two parts. First we learn the signs through songs and sensory play, where little ones can get involved with soft toys, musical instruments, bubbles and many more fun activities.

The second part of the TinyTalk class is social time. Social time for you and baby. This time is dedicated to letting the little ones relax and play. Parents and Carers can grab a hot drink and a biscuit and sit and chat. I'm on hand to answer any questions or just a friendly face to listen. I have never been to a class like it.

TinyTalk is an amazingly fun, song filled class allowing you to learn to communicate with your little ones early on, encouraging their development and helping them get a great start in life.

You can join classes at any stage during our terms, so please get in touch for further information.

Meet Lisa...

Children:Molly age 5

Location:East Dunbartonshire

Favourite Sign:Thunder and Lightening

Favourite Film:Labyrinth (I loves the 80's)

Pet Hate:people who aren't polite

Secret Passion:The 80's, Cowboy boots and hats

I most admire:my mum!

I love baby signing because:The amazing freedom and communication it gave us as a family, we never had to deal with the terrible 2's!

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Our current classes:

Baby Signing

In-person class

Thursday, 10:00am - 11:00am

The old Gatehouse Woodilee Rd, Kirkintilloch G66 3FB

£5.50 per family per class
Note:66 for the 12 week block. You can join at any point during the term, please contact me for details.
In-person class

Thursday, 11:00am - 12:00pm

The old Gatehouse Woodilee Rd, Kirkintilloch G66 3FB

£5.50 per family per class
Note:66 for the 12 week block. You can join at any point during the term, please contact me for details.

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