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Some pictures from our fun classes, and what people have had to say!

An honour!
A selection of goodies available in class x

Such a fun and interactive class. There are lots of lovely songs, instruments, toys and most importantly, signing. Helen is so enthusiastic and engaging (... and she has the best cuddly toy animal collection Iíve ever seen!) The babies in class are always rushing over to her to see what she has in store next. Itís a lovely way to spend an hour each week and I canít wait for when my little girl starts signing back to me.
Whaley Bridge

Making life long friends through TinyTalk

Tiny Talk with Helen is the highlight of our week. Lots of fun songs to sing while learning new signs, and my baby recently did his first sign ("milk") at six months. It was just magical having a conversation with him!
Whaley Bridge

Awards! Thank you!
Wayne Barrow hands out the awards

I met Helen as a fellow Tiny Talk parent when our babies attended the same class. To now have Helen as our Tiny Talk teacher is an absolute delight, her enthusiasm for baby sign is immeasurable. Helen teaches baby sign through fun and exciting activities, combining the signs with story telling, musical instruments, singing and sensory play. The classes are so engaging for the babies, and fun for the adults too. Helen also understands the importance of the 'free play' time at the end of the session, in which both the babies and adults can relax and socialise, whilst having the all important drink and biscuit! Tiny Talk has been without any doubt the highlight of our maternity leave, so much so that we're carrying on once maternity is over on my days off work, hopefully until my daughter is school age! To have my 10 month old be able to sign to me for 'milk', 'food', 'more', 'finished' etc means that the frustration is taken out of our communication and I can meet her needs without her needing to cry. Baby signing has also made a huge difference to her verbal communication, with more words coming after every sign. Wholeheartedly recommended.

Who could resist? "This clever girl signed strawberries at dinner and asked for more
Some super signers from Leek and Kingsley x

My baby girl started TinyTalk classes in Buxton age 4 months and she loved it from the word go. There are always lots of smiles and giggles and now age 7 months she can sign 'milk', which is fantastic to see. Mummies and daddies enjoy learning signs as we go along through songs. The baby class ranges in age from newborn to 18 months and seeing babies interact, all different ages, is really lovely. I think my daughter will be on the move soon, wanting to copy her peers. Helen our group leader is wonderful, she creates a fun and friendly session each week. Every week has a theme and we are excited to find out what next week's theme is! Thank you Helen!

Fun at the farm
A signing superstar!
Raising a few pennies for the Rainbow Trust
You can keep signing at home with our award winning home learning kit
Love these crazy diamonds 💜
A fab day at Whaley Bridge Easter party
Did you know I run a referal scheme?
A fabulous way to keep toddlers busy
Martha and Edwin are ready for the Teddy Bear's Picnic
Alice is a Superstar Signer