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"" Hi, I'm Hannah and I'm delighted to be running TinyTalk in Newark and Lincoln South West, classes are currently being held in Newark and Balderton.

I attended TinyTalk classes with my eldest daughter Daisy from her being just 3 weeks old, admittedly she slept through the first few classes but the social time alone really was a lifeline for me being a first time Mum.
TinyTalk soon became the highlight of our week and Daisy would
beam out smiles as soon as we got to the venue as she knew she was about to have some fun! Just before she turned 4 months old Daisy signed "Milk" for the first time and just remembering the look of determination followed by pure joy on her little face when she realised I understood her still melts my heart!
People have always commented on Daisy's varied range of vocabulary and I think baby signing gave us the building blocks which led to her having such confidence in her ability to communicate, coupled with the one on one time we spent at home learning the signs together so she knew I wanted to talk to her just as much as she wanted to be heard by me!
Classes are fun, interactive and provide quality bonding time with your baby, making memories you will treasure forever, not to mention a guilt free platform to socialise for parents with a hot drink and a biscuit!

When my youngest daughter Olivia came along it was a no-brainer that we'd be doing TinyTalk classes too. I was thrilled when the opportunity to become a TinyTalk teacher myself arose and I jumped at the chance! Olivia is now a super star signer with over 125 signs and 250+ words before she's even 2! It gives me absolute delight to share my love of baby signing with other families and watch their journeys on the road to communication. What does your baby have to say? Join a class today and find out!

Meet Hannah...

Children:Daisy is 3 and Olivia is 1

Location:Newark, Nottinghamshire

Favourite Sign:Emotionally it's 'Milk' as that was the first sign for both my daughters but fun it's 'Giraffe'.

Favourite Film:The Slipper and the Rose

Pet Hate:The hubby leaving shaving stubble all over the sink!

I most admire:A 'can do' attitude

I love baby signing because:I loved seeing the delight on my daughter's faces when they first realised I understood what they were signing and how they have both blown me away with how much they have been able to comprehend.

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Our current classes:

Baby Signing

Monday, 10:00am - 11:00am

TinyTalk TV Monday Newark and Lincoln SW Newark NG23 LN6 NG24

£2.50 per family per class

Tuesday, 10:00am - 11:00pm

TinyTalk TV Tuesday Newark and Lincoln SW Newark NG24 NG23 LN6

£2.50 per family per class

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  • 02 November - 11 December
  • 14 December - 18 December

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