Christmas Class 2019, Jesmond 12:45
Christmas Class 2019, Jesmond 11:15

I love being able to sign with my children and Emma's a great teacher
Class family, December 2019

Christmas Class 2019, Jesmond 10am
Christmas Class 2019, Gosforth 12:45

Emma provides a very supportive and lovely environment
Class family, December 2019

Christmas class 2019, Gosforth 11:15
Christmas Class 2019, Gosforth 10am

We've loved every class. Thank you!
Class family, December 2019

Jesmond 11:15am, Summer term
Gosforth 11:15am, Summer term

We love coming so much, I'm planning which days I'll work around class!
Class family, December 2019

Gosforth 10am, Summer term
Jesmond 10am, Summer term

Emma is excellent, she couldn't be more helpful and understanding. She has completely made our experience brilliant
Class family, December 2019

Tickling fun in class, Autumn 2015
I won the Top TinyTalk Newie Teacher for 2014-2015! I'm chuffed to pieces!

Out of all the classes I take my baby, this is by far the best. So friendly and well delivered
Class family, December 2019

Isabelle signing 'tree'
Isabelle signing 'ball'

Emma is lovely and has created such a lovely environment. It makes me happy attending
Class family, December 2019

Love TinyTalk - the best baby class!
Class family, December 2019

Thank you for such a fantastic class
Class family, December 2019

Emma is brilliant. So kind and patient. Fantastic at teaching and explaining the sign in a memorable way.
Class family, December 2019

"I love being able to sign with my children and Emma's a great teacher"
Class family, December 2019

It continues to amaze us and we get so excited seeing her do more and more so thank you!
Daisy's Mum, April 2018

I just wanted to update you on how much max is still signing! It's crazy how many more signs he has started doing even though we are no longer attending classes! Even though he is now talking a lot more the signs help us understand what he is saying ... What an amazing thing it is that you do! I will never forget how much you have done for us!
Max's Mum, September 2017

"Jack gets compliments all the time on his speech/words and I put it down to the year of communication classes with you! "
Jack's Mum, Autumn 2017

“I honestly can’t thank you enough for teaching us all to sign and encourage Caleb’s development. He’s come on so much and I’m so proud of him”
Caleb's Mum, July 2017

"Emma is completely fab with both babies and parents", "Love, love, love this class", "fantastic teacher, patient, warm and kind", "It's been a godsend", "It's the best baby class in town!", "Emma does a fantastic job", "TinyTalk is fab, and Emma is lovely", "It's amazing learning how to communicate with M", "Thank you, I honestly believe it is good for my mental health",
Families from Autumn 2016

“…it's just so exciting I want to say thank you! Max is definitely signing 'dad' and is also joining signs all of a sudden, he says 'milk all gone' and this morning he waved 'bye' then signed 'dad'!… Thank you so much for doing what you do.”
Max's Mum,
Autumn 2016

"Thank you so much for running your fabulous classes and keeping me sane on coffee and chocolate biscuits. I have recommended you and your class to everyone I have met as you are a very special lady."
Charlotte's Mum,
Summer 2016

"I wanted to let you know how his family are really impressed with how he can sign and communicate"
Oscar's Daddy,
Summer 2016

"... thanks again for your class - we look forward to it every week!"
Charlie's Mum,
Summer 2016

"We've got so much out of signing as a family and all the signs Dillon has learnt have really helped all of us communicate and understand each other."
Dillon's Mum,
Summer 2016

"We absolutely love the class! "
Max's Mum,
Summer 2016

"... the classes have been literally invaluable - her ability to communicate with me is just priceless and your teaching, and caring and fun nature, has made the whole thing a joy ... I can't tell you how much I loved it and I can't recommend the classes highly enough..."
Lila's Mum,
Summer 2016

"Thanks again for the last 6 months. It's been great. You do a fantastic job :) I hope to come back in the future"
Eleanor's Mummy,
Spring 2016

"Thank you also for having us in your class. It's been something I look forward to every week - you make everyone feel so welcome, and you are obviously very genuinely passionate about baby signing, which is just a lovely thing to see."
Agnes's Mummy,
Spring 2016

"I still can't quite believe that what started as a bit of fun to fill a free morning has become such a massive part of our lives"
Beatrice's Mum. Beatrice left the classes having signed 102 signs,
Summer 2015

"People who thought we were a bit daft for going (to TinyTalk) are seeing how good baby signing is!”
Isla's Mummy,
Summer term, 2015

“It is so amazing seeing him pointing at things and doing the signs, a true treasure! Thank you!!!”
Luka’s Mummy, May 2015.

Here are some really lovely quotes from the feedback forms I received from the Autumn 2014 term. THANK YOU SO MUCH! "I find coming to the classes very enjoyable. Emma is a super teacher and it's easy to learn with her super and fun signing". "Have really enjoyed our term with Emma, she's a great teacher". "Thank you so much for adding such a lovely hour to our week". "Just thank you for a lovely group". "Love it, so glad I came!". "Emma is very friendly and welcoming". "Emma is very friendly, great with the children and explains the signs well".
Families from Autumn 2014

As Grandma to Isabelle and Nicholas, I have to admit to being sceptical when Emma announced that she was taking our first granddaughter to TinyTalk classes - I was quite dubious about the practical value of teaching babies to sign. However I was amazed with the results when I saw Isabelle signing, and it proved to be invaluable when I was looking after the grandchildren as I could communicate with them and understand what they needed (long before they could speak ) e.g. something to eat /drink/more etc . This saved many moments of tears on their part and frustration on mine! Isabelle's Grandpa was also worried that speech development would be slower because of the signing, but this was definitely not the case. We would both highly recommend TinyTalk to any new and prospective parents and grandparents.
Grandma Stephenson