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Liliana signing food
Eric signing "mummy"
""We love our Tiny Talk class with Abbie! My daughter does about 20 signs at 15 months old. It takes the guess work out of what she wants and allows her to communicate with us. It's such a great life skill for parents and children to have. Love it! xx


""STORY:Whenever we are on Facetime or skype to family the children aways sign lots of *hugs* and *kisses*.

Millie getting her 150 sign certificate at 22 months old
Heather and I at the 2015 IPDD
""This class is very good and I would recommend it as a way to communicate with your baby. Not only do you learn new signs every week but new songs. It's also an opportunity to meet other mums and your babies can play and learn with each other. My daughter and I only did half a term this time so we have enrolled for the whole term and I'm excited to learn and watch my daughter learn and have fun-she always sleeps well afterwards which is a bonus! Abbie is enthusiastic and thorough and you can tell she has a passion for tiny talk!


""STORY:Eric was upstairs with his sister and his autie when he started crying, so I went upstairs and got him. Later his auntie asked why he had been hitting himself in the head so much. He'd been signing "mummy" to her and she hadn't realised. This is why it's so important to try and get all the family involved in signing, if his auntie had known some simple signs Eric wouldn't have needed to cry.

close up on the *slide*
One the *slide* at softplay after a taster session
""Couldn't recommend Abbie highly enough; every parent should book, the advantages of early communication with your child are worth twice the price.

Eric's first sign certificate for signing "nappy" at 7 months
My daughter Millie getting a multiple sign certificate when we used to attend Heather's TinyTalk cla
Talen signing "milk"
signing certificates March 2016
Eric signing "thank you"
Eric signing "please"
Eric signing "more"
Eric signing "Food"
Eric's first steps at a TinyTalk Leicester teddy bears picnic in Abbey park summer 2015
Eric signing "Book"
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