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Rosie Gilding

Hello, My name is Rosie and I am your local Tiny Talk teacher.
I started taking my little girl Evelyn to classes while they were online during the first lock down. It was lovely to see a familiar face every week and get to know other mummy's and daddy's from the comfort of my own home. I absolutely loved the classes, looking forward singing and signing along to familiar songs and rhymes each week and knew that as soon
as face to face classes started again I would be first in line.
Evelyn was 4 months old when we started classes and it took her a few months to sign her first sign, which unsurprisingly was ''milk'' but then new signs just kept on coming. By the time she was 16 months she had over 50 signs!
Signing has been invaluable in our household through weaning, at bedtime and at nappy change time but it is so much more than the everyday routine things, its the times that we are out on a walk and she tells me she can ''hear'' a ''dog'' in the distance, or the time that we have gone to visit my grandparents to wave at them through the window and after a little while she tells me ''home'' followed by ''please''. Just imagine how frustrating that could have been for her if she wasn't able to communicate that she had had enough and wanted to go back home. I believe that baby signing has been the most rewarding thing I have done for Evelyn as she is able to communicate on a level that would have been unachievable had we not been able to sign together.

When the opportunity arose to become a Tiny Talk teacher, i jumped at the chance! As I want to be able to share with you all the joy and wonder that I have experienced while watching my little girl grow into a tiny talker.

Our fun, relaxed but well planned classes run for 1 hour. The first half consisting of learning new signs through singing familiar songs and action rhymes. Our sensory activities are designed to encourage communication through the use of mirrors, peek-a-boo scarves, sensory balls and bubbles. All of which support the development of babies eyes, ears and hand-eye coordination. We also sing songs with musical instruments each week and share signed story books every few weeks.
The second half is social time which is the time for the children to play and the adults to chat over a drink and a biscuit. This is also a good time to ask any questions and to share your signing successes.
Feeding, changing and chasing after your little one are all expected alongside signing, singing and bonding.

Booking inquiries can be made below or why not pop over and ''like'' my Facebook page! Find me under ''Tiny talk North Norfolk'' and send me a message.

Meet Rosie ...

Children:Evelyn - 1 year

Location:North Norfolk

Favourite Sign:I love the sign for ''Lion'' as I get to pull a roaring face!

Favourite Film:I love anything Disney, my favorite would have to be 101 Dalmatians.

Pet Hate:Rudeness.

Secret Passion:I love to grow my own fruit and veg. I also like to crochet toys, hats and baby blankets.

I love baby signing because:It helps young children to communicate their needs, wants and interests much earlier than they could otherwise, and it is rewarding for all family members who are involved in their signing journey.

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Our current classes:

Baby Signing

In-person class

Wednesday, 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Drill Hall Market place, Aylsham NR11 6EL

£6.00 per family per class
In-person class

Friday, 9:45am - 10:45am

Memorial Hall 62A Norwich street Dereham NR19 1AD

£6.00 per family per class
In-person class

Friday, 11:00am - 12:00pm

Memorial Hall 62A Norwich street Dereham NR19 1AD

£6.00 per family per class

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