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This is the place where we can share baby signing photos, those special TinyTalker moments and find out what parents think about baby signing and our classes in Norfolk. Please do send me your special baby signing stories, thoughts and baby signing photos to add to the Scrapbook. Thank you!

Pom poms at TinyTalk

Sadly this will be the last term for Lily and Oliver, Lily starts School and Oliver will be going to preschool, so it's about time we gave someone else the chance to attend, I know you tend to have a waiting list. They have learned so much, and I don't just mean the signing, although that is a big part of it and has helped immensely with the communication between us all. Plus Lily also used her signing in Nursery to communicate with a hearing impaired little boy who was delighted that they shared a common skill. However In addition to this their listening skills, sharing and sitting skills have also come on so much and will be a perfect tool set to transition to school. Thank you so much for everything, your class has been amazing every time and that's all thanks to you. I don't think we'll ever find anything that quite matches it!

TinyTalk Talking Toddlers
Parachute fun at TinyTalk talking toddlers

I started taking TinyTalk classes in Wymondham with my then 6 month old son after moving to the area from the US. I was looking to connect with some of the other moms in the community and soon found the formula of singing and signing and then coffee and a chat to be just what I was looking for. Maria is amazing and has the perfect mix of energy, enthusiasm and experience as a mom to 3 and creates a relaxed atmosphere for mothers and their babies and toddlers to enjoy together. I was skeptical as to whether or not my son would actually learn the signs but 14 months later he can't get enough of them and surprises me all the time with new signs. He has even started signing whole songs - twinkle, twinkle little star being a favourite. His grandparents are charmed! As a mom, it's been such a relief to know what he wants and needs and just fun to learn what he is thinking about before being able to talk. It has absolutely decreased his frustration and kept me and my husband sane. Thank you TinyTalk for making communication possible with my son at such an early age. It has been a real solution to a challenging parenting time. And it's been great fun!
Elizabeth & Henry,

Babbling at TinyTalk
Songs at TinyTalk

We have really enjoyed the past couple of terms, both in terms of learning some signs but also just really enjoying the fun class you run with such enthusiasm and passion - so thank you!
Christina & Oskar,
Eaton Park

Certificates at TinyTalk
Graduations at TinyTalk

TinyTalk has been brilliant! We love the relaxed, friendly atmosphere and it is great for Martha to be social and have a nice routine. Every element of the class is beneficial either to Martha or to me and more often than not both of us! I am so heartened to see the session being used by so many people. Signing has been a wonderful bonus as Martha has grown, the sense of achievement for both of us has been overwhelming. We look forward to learning new signs and the certificates are all up on the wall.
Hannah & Martha,

TinyTalk home learning kit available in class
TinyTalk signing pack £12 to buy in class

Tiny Talk has been so important for Molly and will continue to be. I know all children benefit, but because of her additional needs it's made the world of difference. If she couldn't communicate with us, she could have been so isolated and frustrated. She gets so much out of class and absolutely loves coming. I love that she's been so accepted, without question. Her key worker at preschool is always so impressed with how well she signs, and her level of understanding. Thank you xx
Elle & Molly,

Let's sign Duck at TinyTalk
Social time is very important at our classes too!
Let's sign animals at TinyTalk
Puppet fun at TinyTalk
Norfolk winners
Let's sign please
TinyTalk - because children have so much to say!
Friends at TinyTalk
Walk about songs
Flashing balls for tracking skills
Exploring Sensory shapes for hand control
Let's sign food with TinyTalk
Let's sign Bird
Silly songs at TinyTalk
Action songs at TinyTalk
Play time at TinyTalk
Parachute fun at TinyTalk
Mirror fun at TinyTalk
Signing books at TinyTalk
Bubbles at TinyTalk
Fun at TinyTalk Toddlers