Welcome to the TinyTalk classes of
Emma McBride

Hello and a big welcome to TinyTalk Devon!

My name is Emma and I am your TinyTalk teacher for Devon. I live in East Allington near Totnes with my partner Johnathan and two children Esme who is 4 and half and Koa who is nearly 15 months.
I attended TinyTalk classes in Totnes with Esmé when she was 6 months old. We went to lots of baby groups but this was definitely our
favourite. I loved the structure of the classes and that it was just the right amount of stimulation for me and my baby. Esmé would sit transfixed on the teacher whilst she taught us signs through a mixture of songs and books.

The first time my baby signed to me it was honestly like watching magic- a mini-miracle! Although she was too young to be able to form the sounds to make words, she was able to tell me that she wanted 'milk', then shortly after that she wanted more food- she loves food!

TinyTalk classes are engaging and educational whilst also being lots and lots of fun. What is so clever is you won't even be aware of just how much you are learning as we teach the signs through songs and stories. You and your baby will develop the skills to be able to communicate with each other using signs which will actually help them to have better vocabulary when they are able to talk.

I also run online sessions which are the same award winning formula as in-person classes but adapted for online and are just as much fun and really flexible. You can still be in your pj's, watch whilst in the garden or on the beach and even if you have gone away!

Positive mental health is really important to us at TinyTalk- which is why an integral part of our sessions is the social aspect. When in a venue this is when I will provide you with a lovely hot drink and a biscuit.

Also did you know that singing is an amazing way to get the endorphins going and can really help combat post-natal depression. So not only are you and your baby learning an amazing life skill by signing, you are also doing something really positive for you!

I am really excited about getting to know you and your baby and helping you on your signing journey. I am sure you will fall in love with TinyTalk classes as much as I did!

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Take care
love em x

Meet Emma...

Children:I have one daughter Esmé who is nearly 5 and a baby boy Koa.

Location:We live in East Allington a small village between Totnes and Kingsbridge in lovely South Devon.

Favourite Sign:Monkey - as I love watching my daughter signing it- it makes me smile!

Qualifications:Degree in Drama and Performance Studies, MA in Performance Studies, PGCE in Primary Education.

Favourite Film:This is hard hmm.. I do love Moulin Rouge, and Bollywood films oh and the Greatest Showman too!

Pet Hate:People that don't say thank you ! Even my 24 month old could manage it ( in sign of course ; ) )

Secret Passion:Playing in my local Samba band wearing sparkly clothes and dancing!

I most admire:People that overcome real adversity

I love baby signing because:it's like watching a mini-miracle every time....

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Our current classes:

Baby Signing

Online class

Wednesday, 10:30am - 11:30am

Tiny Talk TV Online e-classes East Allington Totnes Tq9

£5.00 per family per class
In-person class

Thursday, 10:30am - 11:30am

Halwell and Moreleigh Village Hall Moreleigh Cross, Moreleigh, Totnes TQ9 7JQ

£8.00 per family per class
Note:£48 for 6 or 12 for £94
In-person class

Thursday, 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Halwell and Moreleigh Village Hall Moreleigh Cross, Moreleigh, Totnes TQ9 7JQ

£8.00 per family per class
Note:£48 for 6 classes or £94 for 12 classes.

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