Welcome to my TinyTalk gallery!

Clever Santiago signed *milk* at just under 4 months old

Such a lovely group to be a part of! TinyTalk and Claire have helped my son develop an understanding for so many different things. Would highly recommend it

My son and I love these classes.. heís already learnt a few signs.. highly recommend.. the format of the class is great, with a mixture of signing incorporated with nursery rhythms.

This class is so lovely - I canít recommend it enough. My little one loves it and I look forward to the sessions every week. Claire is such a good teacher and endlessly patient with the babies and toddlers. I have learnt so many signs already and we all practise at home. I canít wait till heís a bit older and can use more signs - but at four months he uses a couple and recognises more. So thank you Claire - if you have a baby or toddler come and join the sessions you wonít regret it !