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Signing achievements are recognised with certificates
Christmas babies

Me and Francis love coming to class, gets us both out. Even daddy enjoys it. Today he remembered cake and biscuit. Francis loves the singing and music toy time. Thanks Clare, you're great xx

Clever Santiago signed *milk* at just under 4 months old

Nancy and I love coming to TinyTalk every Wednesday! We learn lots and Nancy looks forward to the tea and biscuits

My daughter loves going to Tiny Talk, with Claire and after a few weeks at only a couple of months old was able to sign for milk! The class has a nice variety of time on the mat and some active sing songs which she really loves and she's smiling throughout the session. Tea and biscuits at the end is a welcome break whilst the little ones play and gives chance to have a chat with other parents.
Emma, a class mum,

Such a lovely group to be a part of! TinyTalk and Claire have helped my son develop an understanding for so many different things. Would highly recommend it
Clare, a class mum,

My son and I love these classes.. heís already learnt a few signs.. highly recommend.. the format of the class is great, with a mixture of signing incorporated with nursery rhythms.
Yen, a class mum,

This class is so lovely - I canít recommend it enough. My little one loves it and I look forward to the sessions every week. Claire is such a good teacher and endlessly patient with the babies and toddlers. I have learnt so many signs already and we all practise at home. I canít wait till heís a bit older and can use more signs - but at four months he uses a couple and recognises more. So thank you Claire - if you have a baby or toddler come and join the sessions you wonít regret it !
Samantha, a class mum,