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"" Hi! I'm Becci and I first heard about baby signing back in 2010. I took my Daughter Daisy May to TinyTalk baby signing classes in Oakwood, Derby when she was 11 weeks old. I just loved the ambience of the class, and she seemed to enjoy it, so we carried on a while, taking a bit of notice of the signs but mostly I was just enjoying learning all the nursery rhymes and meeting other mums

From the
very first week I thought the classes were different from others I'd tried, friendly, relaxed and not at all clicky. I quickly made some mummy friends and decided to stay another term.

At first there seemed to be a bit of a blur of signs but after only 2 or 3 weeks I was feeling chuffed as I learned and remembered new signs and could start using them at home with Daisy May
I used to do "milk" "all gone" and "bath time" and a few more but that was about it for a little while. When Daisy May was 6 months old she was having a yoghurt and very clearly signed "all gone" to me - meaning I donít want any more! I was absolutely thrilled and so proud of her. It also made me realise that baby signing really did work, and she had told me something that I otherwise wouldnít have realised. I was hooked. I started teaching her more signs, and she started signing "tree" meaning letís go outside where the swing is! Mummy, duck, and so on. She really was made up that I could understand what she was telling me!
Toddler Talk are Energetic lively classes of singing and games helping toddlers learn the skills of sharing, turn taking, listening, fine motor skill work, and special awareness. ALL important to help get ready for preschool.. but in a really attention grabbing way! You don't have to come to baby signing first. Just get in touch and do something a bit different with your child!

Why do people love coming to TinyTalk?
I have asked lots of people this question and discovered a variety of answers. Almost everyone says how friendly and supportive the classes are, which means a lot when you are sleep deprived and worrying about your baby's feeding or health or life in general and really appreciate making some new friends in the same boat. People also say that they have a lot of fun at the classes. We sing lots of well known nursery rhymes which we all enjoy and help mums, dads and grandparents find their baby's favourites and sing those at home. As the babies get older they interact more and more in the classes with the puppets, props, instruments, scarves etc. and it's simply wonderful to see them having such fun and learning so much!
SIGNING: Its very special when your baby signs for the first time and I share their excitement as I know that baby will likely go on to tell them lots of other things by signing. Research supports that babies who sign can go on to speak earlier and more fluently.
The Sensory section is brilliant for tiny babies and older babies alike, bubbles, flashing balls, music and so on Whats not to like!

Meet Becci...

Children:Daisy May- age 11

Location:I live in Ashbourne, In the Derbyshire Dales, and teach in and around Derby.

Favourite Sign:Rainbow- when you sign it it makes you see a rainbow in your minds eye- Beautiful!

Qualifications:I was a Social worker for nearly 20 years with adults. BSL level 1

Favourite Film:probably Back to The Future- childhood crush on Micheal J fox!

Pet Hate:Lazyness- not being able to do something is fine- but not being bothered to do it. GRRR!

Secret Passion:steam trains- all the nostalgia, and Doctor Who

I most admire:People who keep on smiling and trying even when the wind is against them

I love baby signing because:It is such fun, it works, it helps you communicate with your little one, you all learn so much, it reduces frustration, it helps your baby's speech ...and basically it's just MAGIC!!

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  • Business for Sale:
    If you like the idea of working with your baby or around your family- Then this could be for you! My business is for sale after 9 years of running classes, Get in touch to find out more
  • Online classes:
    I am no longer teaching classes. I can recommend Samanthaw@tinytalk.co.uk who is also Derbyshire based. Drop her a line to find out more.

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