Welcome to the TinyTalk classes of
Kate Cooke & Katy Beighton

"" Hi we are Kate and Katy the joint franchisees for Nottingham West and have enjoyed TinyTalk classes as Mum's and are now very excited to be able to teach TinyTalk in Nottingham West.

We met on the maternity ward at the QMC. Kate having her third baby Wilf, and Katy having her first baby Aria.

We have experienced first hand how fantastic it is when your baby starts to sign back to you. Have
you ever looked at your little one and thought, "I wonder what's going through your little mind?" Well come to TinyTalk and you might just find out!

Signing is a brilliant way to encourage your childs communication and speech. Kate's daughter Gwen started signing at around 5 months, now aged 8 she hasn't stopped nattering since! Katy's daughter Aria will be the first to tell you when she's hungry or more importantly when there is a duck nearby.

TinyTalk isn't just good for helping your child socialise, it is also a great place to meet like minded Mum's, Dad's and grandparents. A place where you can have refreshments and a biscuit and chat to people from your local area. A place where lasting friendships can form.

A bit about Kate:

I teach the TinyTalk classes in Wollaton, Kimberley and Beeston. I am also covering classes in Toton and Beeston while Katy is on maternity leave.
I live in Wollaton with my husband and three children: Gwen 8, Sam 5 and Wilf 2. I absolutely love teaching Baby Signing Classes, getting to know all the Mummies, Daddies, Grandparents and of course the gorgeous little babies. Watching their little faces light up when the next prop comes out the bag. Seeing them clap their hands when we sing their favourite song. Marveling at how engaged they are with the sensory activity, and of course that magical moment when they sign back. How happy they are to be understood, and how proud their parent is to see them communicating.
I would love for you and your little ones to come along to a class, so you can start your signing journey with your baby.

A bit about Katy:

I live in Long Eaton with my husband, daughters Aria & Darcey and dog Molly! I have been a primary school teacher for many years and I am trained to BSL level 2. TinyTalk was the first baby group I ever attended when Aria was 3 weeks old, I was nervous leaving the house and TinyTalk was my saviour! The classes got me out the house, socialising with other adults, it gave me the confidence to breast feed in public and have a drink and a biscuit!
So when the opportunity came about to teach a class I snapped up the chance! My daughter displayed her first sign at 9 months, I was ecstatic to be able to communicate with her; she became less frustrated and could sign to me what she wanted. I can't wait to share those experiences with you through singing classic nursery rhymes and signing! Expect high energy and beautiful singing at Toton on a Thursday!

Meet Kate Cooke &...

Children:Kate's Gwen 8, Sam 5, Wilf 2. Katy Aria 2 Darcey 0


Favourite Sign:Biscuit

Pet Hate:People without children who park in child spaces.

I most admire:Our Mum's

I love baby signing because:Communication is everything

Meet my Mini Teacher, Ellie Harwood

My name's Ellie and I live in Long Eaton with my partner, Mike, and our daughter, Amelie, who is 2. I started taking Amelie to baby signing classes when she was 9 months old and she started signing "milk" at 11 months. After that first sign, they've been coming thick and fast and she's now at over 60! Without baby signing, I'd have had no
idea exactly how much she was able to understand (or how eagle-eyed she can be; spotting every Peppa Pig within a 1 mile radius). And now she's learning to talk, she can say so many more words than would be expected for her age, and I'm convinced that's due to the signing giving her a
head start communicating.

When Katy and Kate mentioned that they were looking for another teacher, I jumped at the chance. Signing has been such an amazing asset in our house and it would be great to spread to the word and help other families communicate with their little ones (and I can't imagine a better job than playing with babies all day).

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