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"" Tiny Talk baby signing classes in Selby and Howden are a fun and interactive way to open up communication with your baby before they can speak using words. Learning to sign with your baby can be extremely beneficial, come along and try it for yourself!

I run classes on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR FULL DETAILS.

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Classes are suitable for babies from birth to two years. If your baby is anywhere in this age range it is not too early or too late to start signing with them. Every baby is different. The best thing to do is to come along and give baby signing classes a go!

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About Me:
I'm Tessa Mum to Evie and Annie. I attended Tiny Talk Baby Signing classes with Evie when she was about 6 months never thinking two years later I would be running the classes!

Evie and I loved Tiny Talk, she had a great time and I loved learning the songs and meeting other parents in the area. Evie started to use signs by the end of her first term and soon had a good repertoire at her disposal.I especially remember how proud her Dad and I were when she signed 'bath' to us one evening, it remains my favourite sign. She used signs mixed with sounds and words and was happily communicating with us well before she could 'talk'.

My youngest daughter Annie is now in nursery (how the time flies!) She was only 4.5 months old when I started teaching and used to come along to all of my classes. We still play games of guess the song where I sign a song for her to interpret (this is a great way to keep the girls quiet while waiting for a meal for example).Of course at 4 her communication is all verbal but we still use signs for fun.

Meet Tessa...

Children:Evie (7) Annie (5)


Favourite Sign:Bath

Qualifications:Degree in European Theatre Arts

I love baby signing because:It opens the doors of communication between you and your baby. It allows you to see just how clever they are well before they have physically developed enough to speak.

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Our current classes:

Baby Signing

Tuesday, 10:30am - 11:30am

Standering Hall St James Church, New Lane, Selby YO8 4QB

£5.00 per family per class
Directions:Car park off Audus street next to New Lane

Wednesday, 10:00am - 11:00am

The Shire Hall 11 Market Place Howden DN14 7BJ

£5.00 per family per class

Our term dates

  • Dates this term:
  • 08 January - 13 February
  • 26 February - 03 April

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