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Hello, my name is Sarah and I am your TinyTalk teacher for Cotswolds, Tewkesbury and North Cheltenham. I am currently on Maternity leave, please visit www.tinytalk.co.uk for find your nearest class. See
you soon.

I am also mummy to Isabella who is 10 months old and signed for the first time at 6 months. Typically, she signed *milk* as she is always hungry!

TinyTalk Baby Signing is very special to Isabella and I as it helped us to bond massively. I will never forget the look on Isabella’s face when she first signed to me and she realised I understood what she wanted; such as special moment for us.

Also, as a mummy who has suffered with post-natal depression our TinyTalk classes were my saviour to get me out of the house; out from under the dark cloud I was in and talking to other mums. Singing really does help depression too...even nursery rhymes!

When Isabella increased her signing vocabulary, it was amazing. Situations that usually resulted in what I named as category A meltdowns were fun for us both. Bath time would usually result in Isabella getting overtired, but when she signed *get up* to me in the bath I knew she wanted to get out. Then, by signing *milk*, before I had a chance to get a towel round her, she told me that she was tired, so we skipped her book and went straight to milk and cuddles. It changed our lives and probably our neighbours’ too as Isabella is very LOUD!

TinyTalk classes are an hour long and are lots of fun! We use classic nursery rhymes such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Row, Row, Row Your Boat in a relaxed and fun way to introduce the British Sign Language based signs. The signs we use are relevant to the family home such as milk, food, mummy, daddy and dog which can ease the frustration of communication difficulties before your baby can speak. We also develop their communication skills through a variety of Sensory Activities that involve voile scarves, tactile rubber shapes and lots and lots of bubbles!

The 2nd half of the class is a time for the babies to play with toys and for the parents to enjoy some adult conversation and a hot cuppa with biscuits (and cakes when my husband has been watching Bake Off!)

Babies really do have a lot to say; if you would like to find out what they are saying please contact me by email or phone.

I look forward to meeting you and your beautiful babies.
Sarah xx

Meet Sarah...

Children:Isabella 10 Months

Location:Cotswolds, Tewkesbury & North Cheltenham

Favourite Sign:Bubbles!

Favourite Film:The Sound of Music (My Grandad would be so proud!)

Pet Hate:Snoring (except when it's me)

Secret Passion:Old comedies...I just love to laugh! oh and chocolate...lots of it!

I most admire:My Mum, she is such a strong woman.

I love baby signing because:It is an amazing tool that has allowed me to communicate with my daughter from when she was just 6 months old, easing her frustration and being understood before she is able to speak.

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