Baby Signing with TinyTalk

Here are some examples of when little ones have communicated using signs;

Olivia waving, another sign that your little one is developmentally ready to start signing!

I love our tiny talk classes! It's great to meet up with other mums and dads and our course leader is fantastic and takes a real interest in every "pupil's" progress. I love being able to "talk" with my Son - it's helped with knowing what he wants and needs as well as with his talking.
Brynithel Community Centre

Olivia clapping, one of the signs to show your little one is developmentally ready to start signing!
Erin signs and says food, aged 23months

Wonderful class. It was really fun and we both learnt a lot. I would definitely recommend to anyone. Mandi is a great teacher, very friendly and fab with all of the babies.
Brynithel Community Centre

Excellent classes that benefitted me and my first child, so I've returned with my second (and my first coming back)
Henllys Village Hall

I must admit I was a little sceptical when taking our daughter to Tiny Talk came up, but I'm so happy to report that even after the initial taster session, Poppy started picking it up straight away and it's completely changed the way we approach bringing her up. Mandi, who runs the sessions in the area is a very lovely lady and although I'm usually the only dad on a Wednesday, I thoroughly enjoy going every week. Poppy's communication skills have shot up in the last few months since we started going to Tiny Talk and the frustration caused by a communication barrier has been smashed! Thank you Mandi!
Brynithel Community Centre

Lois and I love going to tiny talk it's so friendly and fun and she's learning so much
Brynithel Community Centre

Tiny talk is an amazing class for fun friendship and learning to communicate with your baby, I would highly recommend, we've had such fun. It's a shame I have to return to work.
Henllys Village Hall