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Elizabeth Signing
Story time

Lucy is nearly at 50 signs, just a few to go! She has continued to impress me with how well she picks thing up, Today she signed 'daddy' followed by 'where?' to ask where he was! She was able to make the sounds as well to she sure I knew what she was asking! Ross (my husband) was thrilled that she wanted to know where he was. Teaching Lucy to sign is an amazing journey, I recommend it to every parent I can.
Natalie, Mum to Lucy,

Reading a book
Amelia signs book

Phoebe and I so loved your classes, we're very sorry not to be able to go to them anymore. She is very communicative and her signs are such a help to me in trying to decipher what she's saying, I think it really helps her to improve the word when I can repeat it back to her correctly. She's still popping out more signs I didn't realise she knew and now uses well over 30! You are a brilliant teacher, keep up the great work.
Ali, Mum to Phoebe,

Amelia signs crocodile
Amelia signs all gone

Thanks so much Laura - your classes have been great (one of the best around!!) and I am gutted that I can't come anymore...it's been a lovely part of my maternity leave. Thanks for your time, your inspiration, and for all the fun! And we'll definitely keep signing at home!
Harriet, Mum to Lauren,

Amelia signs lion

Jacob is so regularly signing with me that I almost take it for granted. From a slow start with just using 'down' or 'up', he now regularly signs ''play/toy', thank you', 'hot', 'pig', 'dog', 'hurt', 'toothbrushing', 'drink', among others. We both love being able to communicate in this way, and it's clear how pleased he is with himself when he learns a new sign, or when he signs and I understand. He wouldn't be doing it if we hadn't been inspired by coming to your classes though, so thank you!
Heidi, Mum to Jacob,