Welcome to my TinyTalk gallery!

enjoying the birthday hat!

Baby signing is amazing! I can understand SO much more of what Joel is trying to say because he signs as well! I would recommend it to everyone xxx
Mel, Mama to Joel,

fun with puppets!

Myself & my 1 year old are half way through our first term at Tiny Talk with Kelly and we love it! Will definitely be signing up for other terms. Highly recommended.
Claire, Mama to Chloe,

Flossie and I are thoroughly enjoying our classes with Kelly! As well as learning all the new signs, we both enjoy singing some songs (and signing along), being a little bit active and getting the chance to interact with some lovely people at the same time. A great way to spend an hour of quality time with my little one!
Hayley, Mama to Flossie,

I started this class with my 3 month old daughter and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It is certainly a class I want to keep doing as my daughter is constantly learning and there is social time for the mums too
Carly, Mama to Isabelle,

My son absolutely loves tiny talk! Kelly is great and makes everyone feel very welcome! I was nervous as an older first time Mum to go to a group but she put me at ease and I really enjoy meeting new parents! Great class xx
Charlotte, Mama to James,

My 4 month old son and I really enjoy this class. The lesson is fun, friendly and well run. Having the 30 minutes to socialise afterwards is also really lovely. Highly recommended!
Nicola, Mama to Toby,

Kelly and I started as Tiny Talk Mamas at the same time, and I'm so pleased she's taken over from the amazing Suzie. The structure of the classes is brilliant, we have such fun every week! I keep saying "This term will be our last", but I just can't keep away!!
Jen, Mama to Alice,

Kelly is a fabulous Tiny Talk teacher. We have such a great time in her class. So pleased to be starting another term.
Aileen, Mama to Joshua,