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Hi and welcome to TinyTalk baby signing classes Lincoln and Gainsborough! My name is Julisa Spencer and I am your local TinyTalk teacher. I am mummy to Elisobel, aged 9, and Matheo, aged 5.
Elisobel and I started going to baby signing classes when she was about 7 months old, it was recommended
by a friend and once we went we never looked back! I was all for chatting away to her from day one so anything that could help build her communication skills was a winner for me. It was incredible how she developed the skill to tell me things before she could voice the words and as well as that we had great fun singing, playing with bubbles and bonding together.
When Matheo was born there were no baby signing classes available, when he was four months TinyTalk classes started - we started immediately and have been going weekly since. Matheo, like Elisobel, started his signing journey with 'more' and 'food' followed quickly by 'milk' (food is a major focus in our household!)From the first signs more and more kept coming and now he picks them up really quickly. Matheos verbal language is developed rapidly but he still used signs to help get his meaning across, 'where' and 'again' being two of his later favourites! Signing is a whole family affair, the children have made up their own signs for serious sibling conversations, and we all love to sign along to our favourite tunes too!
TinyTalk classes are so much fun - as well as starting to learn a new language (British Sign Language), classes include singing old favourites and a few new songs, sensory activities such as flashing balls, bubbles and mirrors which help develop babies coordination and motor skills, the use of instruments and of course social time where babies play and you can chat, have a hot cuppa and a well earned biscuit!
So if you think you would like to join our friendly classes and have some lovely bonding time with your baby whilst meeting new friends and learning more ways to communicate with your little one, please do not hesitate to contact me. I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Meet Julisa...

Children:Elisobel, 9, Matheo, 5

Location:Lincoln and Gainsborough

Favourite Sign:hamster, as it makes me chuckle

Qualifications:PCGE Primary Education, Special Needs Certification, Pre and post Natal Doula, Sling Consultant

I love baby signing because:it's absolutely amazing to see babies expressing what they want and need before they are able to talk!

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Baby Signing

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