Welcome to my TinyTalk gallery!

Halloween 2011 - Annabel (Pumpkin) and Caitlin (Witch)
Most of the Gedling Class (plus siblings!) Aug 2011

When I go back to work I've told them I can't do Mondays because we love coming to Tiny Talk!
Lucy T,

Anna signs 'cow' - aged 19 months
Anna signs 'Pig' - aged 19 months

My favourite part of the class? All of it! We love coming to Tiny Talk. They involve siblings and show an interest in the children's signing at home too.
Gemma L,

I benefit from coming to Tiny Talk because I'm learning something too. The people are friendly and Emma makes a good cup of tea!
Nicola S,

My little boy benefits from coming to Tiny Talk because he enjoys mixing with other babies and learns how to communicate. My favourite bits are the 'Walk around' and the tea break at the end!
Trish D,

What Tiny Talk do best is they use fun songs and have lots of good toys for playtime!
Sally B,