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"" Hello, my name is Danielle and I'm the new teacher in TinyTalk baby signing classes in Harborne, Quinton, Bearwood & Selly Oak.

I had been signing for around 35 years as I grew up with a deaf cousin. I have continued to complete my BSL signing levels and have currently completed level 6 part one. I have worked with nurseries and schools for many years. My previous occupation was a teaching assistant within a school for deaf
children. I worked there for almost 10 years but left to have my first child. When Miylah arrived I was keen to attend as many baby classes for myself and Miylah to gain social skills being a first time mom. I was also keen for her to learn the core basic signs she needed to help her communicate (pre-language).

Miylah who is 31 months old has quickly learnt around 600+ signs to communicate with both the hearing and deaf world and continues to make amazing progress. She is a confident little girl and loves attending our toddler class. Her speech has come on loads and signing has help support this.

I have also just had another little girl Anaiya-Rose who is 12 weeks old. The process of using BSL around her has begun and she has started to recognise 'milk'.

After deciding not to return to my current job I found that there was opportunity for me to run some TinyTalk classes within a local area as the teacher was leaving. I feel my knowledge of sign language, previous training in childcare and being a new parent would be a great start to becoming a TinyTalk teacher.

My classes are an hour long, starting with a mixture of floor based, seated and standing songs, learning some core BSL signs with supporting visual aids where possible, followed by songs/ stories to incorporate the newly learnt signs into and then out come the musical instruments! This is followed by a lovely sensory activity before we get the toys out and parents can have some social time with a cuppa and biscuit ;) (Slightly changed due to COVID-19)

Good communication is key to a happy and healthy baby and subsequently builds a great relationship between parent and child.

Please get in touch with any questions and I look forward to helping your babies reach their signing potential!

If you have any questions about baby signing or if you'd like to come along to a class just get in touch. Why not check out my page on Facebook TinyTalk Harborne, Quinton & Bearwood for details.

I am also providing E-Classes to continue Tinytalk in your own home :)

Meet Danielle...

Children:Miylah 21 months old


Favourite Sign:Forever

Qualifications:BA Hons in Early Years, BSL levels 1-3 currently doing BSL level 6

Favourite Film:Little Mermaid and The Goonies

Pet Hate:Nail biters

Secret Passion:Gymnastics

I most admire:My parents! Being one is hard work but amazing!

I love baby signing because:It helps babies communicate when they don't have a voice and watching them achieve signs. Also showing awareness for BSL its an amazing language.

Meet my Mini Teacher, Katherine Kirkbride

Hello, my name is Katherine and I am the ‘Mini Teacher’ in Harborne, Bearwood and Quinton. I am excited to be running baby signing classes in Harborne starting September 2019!

I was and still am a music teacher, having worked previously as a primary school teacher. My little boy Emrys was born in August 2018. I had heard about TinyTalk classes from a friend, and had been amazed at how her toddler could communicate using signs before she could talk. I was keen to try it out, and started taking Emrys when he was just a couple of months old.

We quickly grew to love the classes, which became the highlight of our week. The classes were really fun, relaxed and sociable. We would go home singing all the songs, and it gave me lots of ideas for activities we could do together at home. Emrys has always loved watching me sign and it definitely helps him to understand what’s going on.

Another thing I enjoyed about the classes was the opportunity for me to learn something new. I was completely new to baby signing when we started, and now I am a TinyTalk teacher!

So look out for my classes in Harborne. Why not try a free taster session? Find us on facebook or use the enquiry forms on the website, we would love to see you for some singing, signing, fun, play and a biscuit!

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Harborne Baptist Church 3 Harborne Park Road, Birmingham B17 0DE

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Quinborne Community Centre Ridgacre Road Birmingham B32 2TW

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Note:Classes are priced at £5 per E-Class and payable termly in advance

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