Welcome to my TinyTalk gallery!

Cheeky Monkeys party
'I can sing a rainbow'

I am a huge fan of signing with babies and I love the TinyTalk classes. Claire is an excellent teacher - she is very clear and enthusiastic and my baby loves all the songs! Having already done the classes with my older daughter when she was a baby, I have seen the great benefits that signing can bring. I felt it was important to do TinyTalk with her little sister, who is now 11 months old. She is already using about 15 signs to communicate, which is very rewarding for us and cuts down on frustration for her. I highly recommend the classes!

Joining in with the Hokey Cokey during an e class at home!
Birthday celebrations from home!

I attended Tiny Talk classes with my son when he was 4 months old until he was talking. I loved the classes then and was so excited to be able to go back with our daughter in September 2019. I have seen 3 teachers during my time with Tiny Talk and all have been brilliant. Claire has been amazing so far especially not seeing anyone and she has adapted to online sessions so quickly and easily. Our daughter is now up to 17 signs (she goes through stages of no signs to doing 7 in the past month). I love watching her doing the signs and so so proud when she does them. I also love a certificate and keep them for their memory boxes. Thank you looking forward to learning more signs.

Signing 'PIG' and enjoying e classes at home
Singing 'All the little ducks' in an e class

We’ve really been enjoying the classes. While face to face would obviously be better it does feel like we’re not totally missing out on the opportunity to do groups and it gives us something to look forward to in the week. Aidan does seem to plan his nap for sometime in the class but definitely engages with you for longer and longer periods each week ...which is pretty good for a few months old! He also loves the songs and likes it when I sing them back to him afterwards. Actually got our first little giggles shaking his octopus Tiny Talk style and he laughs at the cow sign too (with added mooing from me).

Reaching 10 signs- WELL DONE!
Enjoying Bubbles!

P loves the sound of your voice and he always gives lots of smiles and noises.

Signing 'COW'

Excellent session with Claire today. Looking forward to practicing the signs we learned today. A great mid week change and interaction for us during these challenging times. Would highly recommend TinyTalk.