TinyTalk is delighted to announce that it has been recognised as the leading activity provider for pre-schoolers across the UK. Out of nearly 90,000 votes in the prestigious What’s on 4 Juniors Awards 2015, young families have made it clear that TinyTalk’s communication classes are the nation’s firm favourite. In fact TinyTalk has been so successful that it scooped a top award in each of the national competition’s main categories: + winning the top award for UK’s favourite toddler classes, as ‘Best National Pre-schooler Development Activity (2 to 5 years)’, + coming second, with a Highly Commended, in the nation’s most popular baby activity provider category, ‘Best National Baby & Toddler Development Activity (newborn to 2 years) + and taking home top prize as the winner in the Best Exported Activity for Children. Passionate about how important communication is for pre-schoolers, Founder and Managing Director, Katie Mayne, said, “I am very proud of my team at TinyTalk and we are thrilled with these results. Everyone works very hard to ensure that our baby signing and toddler classes are the best we can make them and that they’re always full of fun! We are delighted that our families enjoy what we offer so much and that we’ve been voted the nation’s favourite as the UK’s top activity provider for pre-schoolers. TinyTalk baby signing and toddler classes help our children to communicate with us which is so important as language underpins everything in life. When we can express ourselves, we’re understood and we’re happy, able to tell people what we want or how we’re feeling. In fact children that can communicate through signs, usually over 6 months ahead of when they’re able to speak, have a lot to say! Parents and carers are often surprised and and delighted to find out exactly what their babies are thinking about, from what they’ve noticed in the park to how they’re feeling,especially if it’s important and not obvious. Baby signing is empowering for everyone


I cannot thank you enough for the classes that we have been to Claire. Your commitment and enthusiasm amazed me every week! I was impressed from day one when you remembered mine and Safeeya's names immediately! Such a lovely way to welcome new people in to the group. I had had a really bad morning that day but your warm approach encouraged me to return. Without giving you my sob story, the last year and a bit has been pretty tough for me but the TT classes always took me away from the stresses and gave me such a fun time to focus on Safeeya. And as you know, Safeeya has always loved the classes too... as I have said to you before, she immediately felt confident and at ease at TT whereas in other circumstances, she would always take much longer to settle in and warm up to the activity.
Sara - August 2016,
Mapperley class


We started at TinyTalk when A was 8 months old and from the first session it was like someone flicked a switch. She seemed to finally be able to tell me the things that had been frustrating her and she signed after only a few sessions. She told me she liked her porridge cold, she was scared of the lion in Dear Zoo and she loved her mummy. She'd even sign TinyTalk to tell me she wanted to go and at one point we went twice a week because it made her so happy! Friends said they thought learning sign language would delay speech but Alice said her first word at 11 months and was speaking in clear sentences long before she was 2 so I just don't believe that's true. We still love TinyTalk and continue to go 2 years later, it's one of our favourite things, but the main reason we still go is because we love Claire (and the biscuits).
Anon - December 2016,
Sherwood class

Sherwood Babies / Toddlers Christmas Party 2015
Mapperley Toddler's Toddlers Christmas Party 2015

I wanted to say thank you for the awesome skills of sign that you have given us. Elsa has all of a sudden started signing lots of new signs. I took her to the park on Wednesday and she stated signing duck and birds when we saw ducks at the pond and some pigeons. She is also starting to sign E for Elsa. Theses signs have helped her communicate to her childminder which has taken some frustration away for her. She can now sign; Milk More Food Elsa Duck Bird Bath time Where Dirty (she uses it when she has a dirty nappy and also when we wash our hands)
Amy - May 2015,
Mapperley class

Mapperley Babies Christmas Party 2015
Lots of fun with fellow TinyTalk teachers on our Toddler training. Now I'm set to launch Toddler cla

"We are both sad that tomorrow is her last tinytalk session (me much more), we've both enjoyed it so much. thanks so much, you've made it a very special and much enjoyed part of our week. Bella has signed and understood so much more than I expected her to. It's really amazed me and my family. Learning together and realising we can communicate together in these early days has been so amazing. Thanks for your never ending enthusiasm and care. You really make the sessions special as you really take the time to get to know our children."
Alice - April 2015,
Sherwood class

WO4LO Winners 2015
Harry having fun during his TinyTalk session at nursery

"It's been really amazing to attend tiny talk and rosa has benefitted sooo much on soo many levels and learned awesome communication skills and had soo much fun!!! Its also v special to see all the little ones progress!! So a massive thank you for an awesome time always at tiny talk!!! You do a brilliant job Claire!!!"
Ben - March 2015,
Sherwood class

Leah signs monkey
We won!

"...Jake can now do 12 signs: monkey, bath, bird, dog, train, milk, biscuit, bye bye/hola, more, clap, where and bed. We are really reaping the rewards of signing now - there is so much less frustration in our house! Thank you so much for running such a fun and rewarding class."
Ellie - February 2015,
Mapperley class

Thomas signs biscuit
Yes! Through to the voting stages of the What's on 4 Little Ones Awards 2015

"... I've made some lovely friends from the sessions. I've so loved learning about signing, and having been to quite a few baby groups now I must say in all honesty that Tiny Talk is the best we've been to, it's so friendly, welcoming, fun and informative and always leave with a huge smile on my face."
Aimee - January 2015,
Mapperley class

There's a range of baby signing programmes for childcare professionals and nurseries
We teach our little ones how to sign their names. Here's Evelyn signing "E"

"...even though we can't make it to your classes anymore Nathan and I are still signing away every day! This boy amazes me! He's trying hard to say more words but signing is getting ever stronger. He adores Mr Tumble and his hands are going the whole way through! He's learned 'hello', 'friends', 'spotty bag' and does 'J' and 'W' for his brothers. Even his nursery teachers (one day a week) have said he joins in when they do signs!" Thanks for introducing us to this brilliant way of communicating with each other at this young age!
Lisa - January 2015,
Woodthorpe class

No gym membership required with our walkabout songs!
Having fun with the flashing balls, Christmas 2014

"Claire has made this class so much fun while teaching parents a valuable way to interact with their baby. She never comes across as a money making machine either. It is a true vocation to her and that's why she is so well loved."
Anon - March 2014,
What's on 4 Little Ones Awards - nomination

Logan signs "nappy"
Dilly is now teaching her little sister to sign - here she is signing "daddy"

"Claire is just fantastic at what she does. My daughter and I love tiny talk baby signing and at the age of 15 months she us able to use 39 british sign language signs to communicate before she can speak. I look forward to the session every week :) "
Anon - March 2014,
What's on 4 Little Ones Awards - nomination

Ellis signs "sleep" in his PJs!
Ellis signs "thank you"

"My lg loves these classes. Claire is enthusiastic and fun whilst we are learning things that is really helpful in helping my lg communicate with us whilst she can't speak yet."
Anon - March 2014,
What's on 4 Little Ones Awards - nomination

Emily signs "mummy"
Esme, 7mths, signing her first sign "more"

"This is the best class/group I have been to. I'm now coming with my 3rd son. There is the right balance of learning- fun and social time for babies and mums. Claire is a fantastic teacher and the children and adults love her."
Anon - March 2014,
What's on 4 Little Ones Awards - nomination

Ava signs "home"
Happy birthday Rowan! We love an excuse to get the special hat out and sing happy birthday!

Ava and i just adore attending Claires tiny talk session. Its fun relaxed and very friendly. Claire is very competent and an absolute joy to be around. She entertained all of Ava's friends at her first birthday she is just a fab person. Because of her my Ava can sign 22 signs to me to make her needs known. We love you Claire xxx
Helen, Autumn Term 2013,
Sherwood class

We celebrate first signs with certificates - here's Arjun getting his first sign certificate for "mi
Here's Henry signing his first sign "Milk"

Malaya has been going since around 10 weeks and we love it she did her 1st sign at 4-5 months and is now on 35 signs. Well done to claire! I love my tiny talk fam xx
Jade, Autumn Term 2013,
Sherwood class

Guess what Eddie has just seen out of the window? That's right.."bird"
George signs "dirty"

My son stellen has come on so much since we've been going. He tells me when he needs his nappy changed, and when it's bath time! And he's just started signing duck! He loves the songs we sing, dance and sign to, and we do them all at home too. Claire is so lovely, enthusiastic, (v accommodating!) and fun, and makes a cracking cup of tea too! The class is one of the highlights of our week! X
Claire, Autumn Term 2013,
Mapperley class

George signs "hippo" whilst asking for his hippo shaped pen
Last day of Autumn term 2011 at Sherwood. A captivated audience!

Chloe and I attend Claire's fantastic class on a Monday morning in mapperley. Signing has helped Chloe communicate what she sees and wants. Chloe got her second certificate today for doing over 10 signs. Very proud of her.
Laura, Autumn Term 2013,
Mapperley class

Jack saw a horse on "Something Special" and this is his version of the sign
Mapperley TinyTalkers enjoying their social time

We go to Claire's class in mapperley and she is fab. My son is able to communicate what he wants ie milk so is not frustrated. We love the classes they are very relaxed and fun. And Claire every the professional is very welcoming
Amy, Autumn Term 2013,
Mapperley class

That's right Jack, it's not an apple, it's a "pear"
Slightly confused, Jack signs "apple"

George is now signing, in fact he doesn't stop signing! He first sign was 'light' at 11 months, but he now signs drink, food, tree, flowers, bath, book, bird, more and milk. I'm currently working on help and pain. So I wanted to say a big thank you, I love that it helps me to communicate with George and although it seemed to take a long time to click once he started he hasn't stopped and I like to think he's a happier less frustrated baby for it.
Charlotte, Summer Term,
Mapperley class

He's a very polite little boy. Jack signs "thank you" and says "Ta"
Jack signs "rabbit" which was in the book he was reading

Thanks so much for the last term of Tiny Talk. Jack and I really enjoyed it and he's come on so much. I can tell he's trying to do a couple of signs now like 'milk' and 'all gone'. He's also just learnt how to clap and I'm sure he tries to wave when he sees people although when ever he's happy or excited his hands wave up and down anyway so it's still a little hard to tell!
Lyndsey, Summer Term 2013,
Mapperley class

Jack signing helicopter which was passing overhead
Jack signs "all gone"

Daisy has had a signing flurry over the last few weeks, it's absolutely brilliant. She communicates loads now. This morning she told me that the cat was drinking - I turned around and indeed it was! My husband is a total convert, thinks baby signing is the best thing since sliced bread - it was bedtime last week and we always have bath, milk and a story - we sat down as usual with the book, and when Chris came in she started clearly signing 'Where' then 'Milk' - he was bringing her beaker through and had it hidden behind his back!
Michelle, Summer Term 2013,
Sherwood class

Jack signing "train"

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for so many wonderful classes over the last few months. Arthur and I have enjoyed and looked forward to the class each week. Arthur is always so content in your class which is a big compliment to you and your teaching skills as he has never been an easy baby to entertain.
Helen, Summer Term 2013,
Pirates class