TinyTalk has come to HARLESTON & BECCLES

Fun, fun and more fun! Take a look at some of the things we get up to in our fabulous classes :) x

Here come the TODDLER classes!!
I can play Peek-A-Boo!

STORY: Hiya thought I would let you know that Freya signed milk today it was really clear and she kept doing it when we said milk to her :)

Exploring the sensory shapes!
VERY proud Mummy & Daddy

STORY: Thought I would share this.....apart from the fact that she's loving "hey ya!" But Grace is signing to me that she wants food! Basically saying, "stop filming me mummy and feed me!"

Oooooo bubbles!
Lovely sharing!

STORY: George definitely waved today!!! More than once on the train visiting father Christmas! Witnessed by all the family :)

Mm Mm went the little green frog!!
Babbling and Bonding ~ Beautiful
We enjoy sharing a story too
Who's a clever girl!
Proud Daddy ~ 1st sign certificate
The props getting some spa treatment!
Take two!!!
Our youngest member to date at just 3 weeks old!
HAPPY CHRISTMAS ~ lets sign *reindeer*!
The Reindeer Hokey Cokey!! You put your antlers in....your red nose in....your fluffy tail in...!!!
A 'graduation certificate' is awarded to our leavers, we'll miss you!
Bibbles Bear and his look-a-like!
Peek-a-boo scarves! Baby baby, baby baby, where are you? peek-a-boo, peek-a-boo, I love you
We celebrate half birthdays too!
The theme this week was Sleepover at Grandma's!
Everybody enjoys the 'flashing balls' as one of our sensory activities
Clever little signer ~*water*
Nanny's are welcome, all are welcome!
Daddy fun!
Daddy fun!
Exploring the sensory shapes
Having fun with the sensory shapes
We all love instrument shaking (and tasting!) time!
One of our youngest 1st signers *milk* at 6.5 months
rainbow coloured caterpillars also count!
Stripy Rainbow colours for our fundraiser
Dressing up RAINBOW style!!
TinyTalk Bibbles Bear enjoyed his birthday party and our fundraising event for The Rainbow Trust Chi
Hooray! I can sign *milk*
YAY! Another clever girl!
Parents are just as proud!
Happy Birthday & First signs certificate!
1st sign is such a special achievement!
Daddy's come along too!
So many signs - clever boy!
Happy 1st Birthday my own little TinyTalker!
Let's sign *HAT* !
Precious bonding time
Where is your mouth? your eyes? your nose? your ears?
Exploring who we are using mirrors!
Social time!
We love getting the birthday hat out!
Mirror fun!
My little TinyTalker and me!