The Tinytalk Epsom, Ashtead & Ewell Scrapbook!

This is the place where we can share baby signing photos, those special TinyTalker moments and find out what parents think about baby signing and my classes. Please do send me your special baby signing stories, thoughts and baby signing photos to add to the Scrapbook. Thank you!

Ssshhh sleeping rabbits!
everyone sign pig!

I have been going to Annemarie's Tiny Talk classes with my daughter since she was about 5 months old. She is now 2 and we have moved up from babies to toddlers. Not only are the classes educational, they are fun, welcoming & friendly. We both enjoy and benefit from the classes in so many ways and I will be bringing baby number 2 along as well! I believe my daughter's speech has been massively helped along by our coming to these classes as they have taught us how to encourage and support her to express herself through signing and speech. A huge thank you to Annemarie for all the effort and enthusiasm she always puts in every week too!
Worcester Park

One of my favourite TinyTalk pictures!
Happy Birthday to me!!

Both of my children have absolutely loved Annemarie’s lessons! I currently attend with my little girl and she looks adoringly at Annemarie through the whole lesson. She’s really coming on with her basic signs at 8 months now and she was able to tell me she wanted milk when she was poorly in hospital. Big brother is now almost 3 and a half and loves practising the signs at home with us. I would say the amount they both have enjoyed it is 100% down to how brilliant Annemarie is and her enthusiasm and kindness. I would thoroughly recommend TinyTalk to anyone looking for a baby group with something a bit different - it’s great that the little ones are learning something in a fun and friendly environment and it’s wonderful for mums too being able to have social time and a coffee at the end.

Sophie with her 75th sign certificate!!
Al and his 1st sign certificate

Tiny Talk has opened my eyes to the fact that you can communicate with the youngest of children, long before they can speak. My daughter and I started class when she was 5 months and I did wonder if she was too young. But the classes were fun and I enjoyed learning the signs. However once Matilda understood my excitement when she started signing there was no stopping her. She is now 18 months old and just trying out her first words. In the meantime her 100 or so signs mean she can communicate with with us which eases her frustration. Once you've got the Tiny Talk bug you won't be able to imagine life with out baby signing!

nathan and his 1st sign certificate!
summer 2015
summer 2015
summer 2015
Summer 2015
Matilda (age 18 months) signing tree!
Rocco with his 50th sign certificate!
Enjoying sensory activity time with the voile scarves!
Christmas Party time!!!
A happy Willow during social time!
Willow and Sienna!
Rocco with his sister and mummy showing off his 1st sign certificate for *high 5*!
All dressed up for a special Halloween class!!!
Willow and mummy and a 5th sign certificate for *milk*
Rocco and a very happy mummy! 5th sign certificate for *milk*
The twins celebrating their 1st birthday!!
Willow with her 10th sign certificate for *sleep*
Rocco and his 10th sign certifate for *eat*
Willow with her 25th sign certificate for *fish*
Happy half a year birthday!!!!
Rocco receiving his 25th sign certificate for *stop*
Willow receiving her 50th sign certificate for *heaven*