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Hello Everyone, I am Amina and I am your local TinyTalk teacher in Lanarkshire. I am due to start teaching classes at the end of January 2019 so watch this page for more details on upcoming classes and introductory offers.
I decided to become a TinyTalk teacher after me and my little one started attending TinyTalk classes in Glasgow. We started attending classes when Isla was 7 months old and amazingly she managed to perform her first sign
(milk) a month later. At 9 months old Isla had managed to successfully perform 5 different signs. Signing is a useful tool for all babies, I was amazed to find out that research suggests that babies who are taught sign language before they speak have a massive advantage when learning to talk and frequently learn to speak earlier than babies who are not taught sign language. Signing can also be a great way to relieve some frustration for both parents and babies as it allows babies to communicate before they develop the ability to talk. This ability to communicate means that parents do not have to guess why their baby is crying, instead baby can tell them when they are hungry or tired or just want a cuddle. I found it surprisingly easy to incorporate signing into all of my every day routines. My TinyTalk classes will have lots of different themed classes designed to teach you 150 basic core signs.
Although the main focus of my classes is signing babies can also enjoy a wide range of nursery rhymes and action songs which help mums and babies remember all of the signs taught throughout the sessions/terms. my classes will also provide sensory activities that are loads of fun. From sensory scarves to flashing balls to bubbles, the sensory activities used are designed to help improve babies visual tracking, fine motor skills and so much more. After all that hard work babies have time to play with a variety of toys while mums, dads, grandparents and any other family members able to attend classes can have time to relax with a hot cup of tea or coffee and some biscuits. This social time is one thing that sets TinyTalk apart from other baby groups. Social time gives you the opportunity to meet lots of other like minded parents and caregivers to swap stories and advice. Social time gives you the chance to engage in adult conversation and meet some new friends. All family members are welcome to attend classes, the more people that sign with your baby the faster they will learn.
For more information or to book your place please get in touch either by phone, email or film in the Google’s doc https://goo.gl/forms/MrlYxhUm5qzfVzrI2

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Meet Amina...

Children:Isla 11 months old


Favourite Sign:Sorry

Qualifications:Qualified and experienced Primary School Teacher

Favourite Film:Home Alone

Pet Hate:Noisy eaters

Secret Passion:Photography

I most admire:People that are honest and speak the truth

I love baby signing because:Because it’s just fantastic and incredible. The numerous benefits to encourage early speech. Also it’s an extra skill/ language Knowing BSL.

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Our current classes:

Baby Signing


Tuesday, 12:45pm - 1:45pm

The Bothwell Parish Church 46 Main Street, Bothwell G71 8EX

£7.00 per family per class
£49.00 for this term's classes
Note:Please select family and friends when paying via PayPal

Thursday, 11:30am - 12:30pm

Bellshill Cultural Centre John Street Bellshill ML4 1RJ

£0.00 per family per class
£49.00 for this term's classes

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  • 26 February - 26 March
  • 16 April - 07 May

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