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TinyTalk's Baby Signing classes: what they offer



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Baby Signing Classes for mums (or dads!) and their babies or toddlers are available from TinyTalk across the UK and Ireland.


In each of our 1 hour baby signing classes...

  • You and your baby will learn a number of baby signs for useful everyday words and phrases - allowing you to talk to your baby for the first time by baby signing
  • You'll spend time singing favourite nursery rhymes and action songs
  • Apart from learning baby signing, your baby will also have time to play with a variety of toys - whilst the mums relax with coffee and chocolate biscuits!

What sets Baby Signing and Toddlers Classes from TinyTalk apart from the competition?


Boing!We believe that it is down to our approach which is BOTH PROFESSIONAL and RELAXED. TinyTalk baby signing classes are STRUCTURED but they are also GREAT FUN. Parents and babies just seem to ADORE what the TinyTalk class formula offers!

All of our teachers are either parents or have worked closely with young children. They all want the very best for their own children as well as for all children.

  • FUN: The baby signing classes are lots and lots of fun with a structured but relaxed atmosphere.
  • FAMILIAR: We sing familiar, well-known nursery rhymes and newer action songs- which your baby will love.
  • FAIR PRICING: We charge only once per family (not per child) - i.e. that twins, triplets etc. are not penalised!
  • PROFESSIONAL: TinyTalk use British Sign Language signs in our classes, enabling everyone to not only communicate with their hearing baby, but also start communication with the Deaf Community
  • FOR EVERYONE: Our baby signing classes are suitable for 0 to 2 year olds. Even new-borns are most welcome! Children over 2 years old can also attend at the discretion of the class teacher. TinyTalk Toddlers Classes are for children confident on their feet, all the way up to pre-school age.

If you have any questions about TinyTalk or about baby signing - then please feel free to give us a call or drop us a line. Have fun with your Signing Pack, DVD and CDs which have now been used in around the world. Or attend your nearest class and experience the ‘buzz’ of a TinyTalk class!

To find one of our baby signing classes or toddler talking classes in your area, CLICK HERE.

Baby Signing Classes from TinyTalk: what a leading language expert thinks

A TinyTalk baby signing classSue Aldridge, Education Consultant and Former Head Teacher of a Nottingham Beacon Infant and Nursery School, writes:


“Imagine directly teaching young babies all the skills they need for communication. Imagine strengthening the bond between mothers and babies with laughter and physical fun.


Imagine teaching babies skills, which will significantly aid the development of their brains at a critical time in their early development; skills which will enhance speaking and listening, improve reading and writing.


Imagine involving little babies in activities which will engage the left and right hemisphere of the brain.


Impossible with children so young?


Not now. TinyTalk baby signing classes offer all this! They enable babies to communicate. Turn-taking, eye-contact, facial expression, intonation, body language: all are both taught and caught to enable babies to communicate before language is present.


Over the weeks of the baby signing course the baby’s concentration and confidence grow. Learning takes place to everyone’s immense satisfaction and enjoyment. Baby signing should be available in schools and nurseries. It’s magic!”


And now baby signing is available in nurseries! So contact us for more details.

Click here to see the sign for dogClick here to see the sign for ballClick here to see the sign for teddy bearClick here to see the sign for bookClick here to see the sign for milk (bottle)Click here to see the sign for nappyClick here to see the sign for nappyClick here to see the sign for ice creamClick here to see the sign for plane

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