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We love your feedbackWe've had a terrific response from mums and dads who've joined TinyTalk baby signing classes all over the UK and Ireland! Below you'll find some of the things they've said about their experiences with baby signing - and with TinyTalk baby signing classes.

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We'd love to hear about your fun baby signing anecdotes, or your thoughts on TinyTalk classes. Tell us what your baby first signed and when. Or about a fun experience at one of our classes. Just fill in the form to the right (with no more than 50 words please), and click SEND. We'll be posting some of the best stories and feedback we get on this page - so make sure to come back soon to see if your comments have been added!

“Thanks so much for the Baby Signing Pack - we love it!”

- Happy Customer, Guildford


“TinyTalk is brilliant! It helped me to understand my little boy before he could talk. He signed 'Daddy' at 10 months and then by 17 months he was using over 150 signs. We both loved the fun classes! I would recommend it to all parents! Thank you Tiny Talk!”



“I started taking Mathilda to TinyTalk classes at nearly 5 months and after 2 weeks she had already started signing Milk. It is the best class Mathilda and I go to and we really enjoy it. Our teacher Fran is so enthusiastic and the classes are lots of fun. After each class we go home and teach my husband the signs we have learned. We are now following the DVD at home too between classes. We can't wait for Mathilda to learn new signs!”

- Lea Spencer


“Dominic started TinyTalk classes at 4 months. It took until he was 14 months to do any signs back to us. Now at 18 months, he has over 40 signs! We don’t just go out now, we go sightseeing! Cars, buses, bikes, dogs, cats, ducks and birds. It’s great!”

- Claire Storey, Derby


“Oliver started to sign ‘milk’ when he was only 5 months old I just didn’t believe it! But when I tried a bottle instead of breastfeeding, Oliver scowled at his hand, signing furiously for 'milk' and refused the bottle!”

- Leanne Smith, Derby


“Having signed with my son from 3 months old, my daughter was lucky to have us both signing with her from birth. Both my children can communicate in sign and spoken word, but we still rely on signs in crowded rooms or noisy situations. Signing has undoubtedly helped in teaching my son other languages such as French too.”

- Morag Maclachlan, Edinburgh


“I started taking my son to TinyTalk classes when he was just 3 months old, he is now 18 months old and still signing although unfortunately we had to stop attending the classes when I went back to work a month ago. He did his first sign at 7 months and can now confidently sign 30+ signs and communicate really well vocally too. We both enjoyed the social aspect of the classes and always looked forward to our ‘TinyTalk fix’ on a Friday, but more importantly my 18 month old has picked up a valuable skill that benefits him now and I am sure will continue to do so. It makes me especially proud when he uses the signs he has learnt with other family members and our childminder. Thank you Miriam, for your brilliant classes and introducing us to the amazing world of signing.”

- Joanne Payton, Wickford


“I started TinyTalk when Christopher was 4 months old. The classes helped me to understand what he wanted and I also made many friends. Chris really liked the music and began to make signs. The DVD helped me a lot. At 8 months he signed bird, eating, milk and at 12 months and he could do all the signs from the DVD.
We attended classes in Allestree with the lovely Dawn, and it’s been very good fun.”

- Priscila Morrison, Derby


“I started taking my daughter Isobel to TinyTalk when she was six months old, after another mum recommended it. She loves the singing and she started to wave a few weeks after we started and did her first sign for 'milk' at nine months. I was so proud! Our teacher Emily is so enthusiastic and bubbly. I only have to say we are going to TinyTalk and Isobel gets all excited! As a mum who has experienced post-natal depression after all my babies, it took some courage for me to go to a class but I am so glad I did. I recommend TinyTalk to other mums I meet and am so glad we are now a part of it.”

- Emma Rickard, Staines


“Oscar uses signing to talk to his big brother and sister - they love it and are so proud of him!”

- Becky Laudan, Norwich


“TinyTalk has given me the most incredible insight into the magical world of babies and toddlers. My daughter Dilly loves nothing more than pointing out and signing. And who'd have thought there were so many "stars" and "bubbles" around us everywhere!!!”

- Katherine Fatherley,


“We have been going to our local TinyTalk class in Laurencekirk since Summer was about 3 months old.
Gayna's classes are brilliant, every class is such fun, and we especially love going on a bear hunt!!!
I was amazed when Summer signed Milk for the first time at 5 months!! After each class I show my husband all the signs we have learnt, so he can then do them too!!”

- Annie ,


“I have been going to TinyTalk sessions for 4 months now since my son Jake was 8 weeks old and it's always something that we both enjoy. It's fun, interesting and a great way to learn signing which will be a huge benefit. Even though he can't sign yet the classes help him socialise with other children and recognise signs. It has also helped me a lot as a new mum in terms of being more confident with development and playing (Learning new songs and games ). It is also a great place to meet other mums and chat. I feel the success of the class is because of Beverley who is always friendly, approachable and is great with parents and children. She has a genuine interest in everyone who attends and shows she cares. Classes are always well prepared and thought out with lots of toys to engage the children no matter what their age is. Beverly has something special that creates a lovely atmosphere and makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease which is what makes the class stand out from any other I have gone to since having Jake.”

- Joanne Simpson, Consett


“I started TinyTalk classes when my daughter was almost 3 months old. We both loved the sessions which are great fun. My daughter started recognising signs after a couple of months and signed her first sign 'milk' at 6 months. Yesterday she signed her fifth sign for the first time - 'food'. It's easy to see what motivates my daughter!”

- Vikki Allen, Cottenham


“There is nothing like the delight on your baby’s face when they realise that you understand them. Max has been going to TinyTalk since he was 6 months old. Now a year later he can talk quite a bit but his vocabulary also includes 70+ signs. People comment on what an effective communicator he is.”

- Jolie Ramage, South Woodham Ferrers


“My Emily was a crying baby so TinyTalk helped in many ways. It got me out of the house and Emily loved the sessions. I met other mums and got advice from them and soon enough Emily could tell me what she wanted by signing. I can't wait to go again now with my second baby due in Nov and the great thing is Emily can come along too.”

- Kathleen Mackie, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne


“I've been taking my daughter to TinyTalk since she was 9 months old. She's now 15 months and signs and speaks all the time. The classes are great fun, Jackie is a wonderful teacher, and we've learnt so many new songs to enjoy together! The look on Bethan's face when she first signed 'drink' and was given a drink, was incredible. I truly believe that it fired her motivation to communicate. Now she's copying signs faster than I can learn them!”

- Kate Appleby, South Croydon


“I have been taking my daughter to TinyTalk classes since she was 5 months old. She has just turned 2 and has over 100 signs which she regularly uses on a daily basis. After introducing the signs into our daily routine, Keira eventually started signing around 9 months, this coincided with when she started clapping and waving. Once she had a few signs there was so stopping her! Since then she has learned many of the signs but she also started creating her own, showing her favourite TV programme ING by putting her finger on her palm, then showing Waybuloo by showing the 'tree' position the characters do with their yoga. We always say the words and she is speaking more and more each day and when she uses a sign with her speech we can help her improve her sounds. She is a late talker but I believe she would have been a very frustrated late talker if we hadn't attended TinyTalk baby and toddler classes.”



“My little boy attended TinyTalk classes from 3 months. He is now 4 & ½ years old and we still use signs to communicate across crowded rooms etc. It is our own little secret language. It also helps him learn his French. With the birth of our daughter a year ago we were well placed to sign from birth and with a very expressive set of fingers she was clearly doing her first sign ‘milk’ at 3 months, quickly she realised we could understand her and ‘more’ ‘please’ ‘sleep’ were all in regular use by 5 months. Now she has a huge range of signs including spoken work at 12months. All the family members are on board, grandma loves being able to sign. We all love going to TinyTalk classes and would highly recommend the classes to all.”

- Imogen Foster, Edinburgh


“I started taking my son to TinyTalk classes aged 8 months. He was born ten weeks premature and I was warned that his development could be delayed. He signed his first sign 'milk' at nine months, and aged 15 months has come on leaps and bounds. His co-ordination and confidence has improved, and is talking non-stop! Along with signing he has a vocabulary of about 40+ words. Apart from the learning aspects of signing, the classes are tremendous fun for the whole family.”

- Nicola Carpenter, Didsbury, Manchester


“I took my daughter Layla to TinyTalk when she was 3 and 1/2 months old. At first I was worried she was too young and she tended to fall asleep towards the end of the class but over the weeks she has really come into her own lighting up when we begin singing. She is 7 months old now and really enjoys the classes. She started signing for milk at 6 months and is starting to wave. She loves me signing to her and seems to take it all in during the class. I really think it is invaluable in her development as she is really starting to come on. However the best part is hearing her giggle and laugh throughout the class when we are singing and dancing.”

- Carolann Mccarren, Falkirk


“We started TinyTalk when my foster daughter was 9 months old. She soon learned how to sign 'sleep' which is how we managed to help calm her after difficult times. We then very quickly learned her new favourites of, 'more', 'all gone' and 'enough' for feeding, with 'duck' and 'pig' being her favourite animals! She is now two years old, chattering away and signing to her favourite songs and is a very happy, contented and delightful little girl. I am convinced her being able to communicate through signs in her early troublesome times have contributed to her being such a happy, chatty girl now. Roll on a toddler class in our area.”



“I started signing with my daughter when she was about 6 months (she is now nearly 3). She loved the classes and as she was a late talker the signing definitely saved us from the odd tantrum as she could let us know if she was hungry, thirsty and of course it made a trip round the zoo much more fun. Even now at the age of three she will sign if I misunderstand her - e.g. tree and three. She is obviously very comfortable with singing and will often sign when she is too shy to talk - e.g. please and thank you. They do signing at her nursery and she is a little star who spurs the others on, signing to all the songs and her favourite animal books. Naturally a love for Mr Tumble has developed and soon she was teaching me lots of useful words like lighthouse! When my son came along (now 17 months) he picked it up very quickly as it had become part of our everyday life.
Thanks TinyTalk for introducing us to such a wonderful and FUN way to communicate with our kids.”

- Sarah Borg,


“My son has cerebral palsy and can not talk and TinyTalk has made such a difference to our life's. Where he was once frustrated he can now express himself and we can understand him and sign to him. It really is worth the money and you meet such great people.”

- Katy Bassett, Manchester


“I started signing when my son was 3 months until 15 months old. From day one I loved and welcomed the idea of us communicating without words. My son Aedan flourished from TinyTalk and did his first sign 'Milk' at 7 months! Signing eased his and my frustration making our relationship grow and flourish. I was so proud and so was he. His signing vocabulary grew to around 30 signs when I decided to progress our interest and enrolled on BSL level 1 which I have just completed. Aedan is now 19 months and saying odd words, we still sign to each other and throughly enjoy it! As soon as cake is mentioned the cake sign is done in excitement about 10 times in a row! I love it Thank you.”

- Laura Loy,


“I am so pleased I joined TinyTalk Hastings classes. I joined with my baby son, Oliver, when he was only 3 months old and he is now 7.5 months. After 2 terms of classes with the enthusiastic and fun Lisa, he can now tell me when he needs his nappy changed by signing and knows so many more. I am totally convinced TinyTalk helps early communication in babies! I recommend it to all mums!”

- Karen Roberts, Hastings


“TinyTalk is by far the best baby/toddler class I have found! I was keen to take my baby as my in-laws are deaf. I was hoping that both myself and my daughter would learn signs to help aid communication with them. The classes are lots and lots of fun! Andrea who runs our group is just brilliant! We have also learnt so many signs, songs and made some great friends. My daughter is 19 months now and TinyTalk is most definitely the highlight of her week. We’re looking forward to getting back to class in September and learning and playing lots more!!”

- Zoe Taylor, Altrincham


“Sophie loves to sign now and regularly impresses people with it. Recently she kept signing dog and pointing to a chocolate egg. I promptly corrected her that it was bunny and showed the sign. She kept insisting it was a dog and i carefully corrected her until i looked closely to see it was in fact a chocolate dog! Shamed by a 16 month old!”

- Rebecca Crichton,


“My daughter is now 2 and a half years old. We have been going to TinyTalk classes since she was 3 months old. She started signing at 8 months, learning very quickly and expressing herself through signing very well. She stopped signing when she started talking, and now talks very well. As sometimes my daughter has an attack of the terrible 2s, she often has to apologise for her behaviour, she doesn't always like saying sorry, but will sign it, which is nice. I would recommend TinyTalk to any new parent, its such a great way to communicate.”

- Clare Dragotta, Norwich


“I can't recommend TinyTalk baby signing classes enough. My daughter Sophie has got so much from it. She is able to make herself understood and we can help her speech as we understand what word she is trying to say. You don't realise how much they notice and understand until they can sign it to you! Fabulous!”

- Rebecca Crichton,


“I can't speak highly enough about TinyTalk. My 15 month old has achieved his 50 signs certificate, and his speech is really advanced. Seeing him sign to his 80 year old great grandparents has been amazing, especially when they understand him and sign back! The whole family are learning the signs. It takes out any frustration that William could have in toddlerhood! Thank you! – Yvette Hollister.”



“I was so excited the other day... As I was reading 'Each Peach Pear Plum' to Ethan as a bedtime story, he started signing duck when he saw a duck on one of the pages! He hasn't done it before. Now we only have to say the word 'duck', show him a picture, or ask what ducks do and he merrily signs away with a big grin on his face :-)”

- Lisa McCordick, Derby


“Me and my nearly 2 years old William have been going to TinyTalk since he was 6 months old and ever since then it has been the highlight of our week. We love the singing, the games and spending time with the other children. The communication that TinyTalk inspires has helped his vocabulary - he's a very vocal child and loves to talk! – Rebecca Frost”



“My daughter did her first sign, milk, at 6 months, then slowly she added many more signs. At 21 months she has an amazing range of about 40 signs. It has completely cut out frustration in not being able to communicate. She happily chatters away all day, using words, signs and sounds and understands a lot more than most children her age. We often get asked if she signs because she is deaf and when I explain that we learnt it through TinyTalk many people think it’s amazing and ask me where the classes are held. Thank you :) - Heather Dooley”



“I started taking Samuel to TinyTalk classes when he was approx 3 months old, he is now 16 months old and how time has flown! His first sign was waving bye when he was approx 8 months old and his next sign was milk. We then slowly started getting more signs but his signing really took of when he was about 14 / 15 months old and we now have well over 35 signs and are aiming for the 50 mark! He has favourite signs which at the moment are dog, light and train. It has proved useful in terms of him communicating to us and has provided us with many laughs for example - Last week we got home from the park and he signed 'home dirty!!'
Grandma (he has learnt the sign for this which pleased her!) babysat last week and realised she could not understand what he was signing so she has now borrowed our TinyTalk pack and has been practising with Grandad!
I would recommend TinyTalk to anyone in terms of helping your baby communicate but also to have fun and help you get out the house each week!”

- Hazel Webster, Derby


“Flynn was 13 weeks old when we first joined TinyTalk. To begin with, Flynn slept through half of each session, but quickly, I realised that just being in the class was enough to motivate me to sing and chat to him more at home. Every class was uplifting and energising.
As time wore on, I was eventually diagnosed with Post Natal Depression. Like many mums I felt I struggled and did not rate myself as a very competent carer, but no matter how sad or frustrated I felt, TinyTalk was the one activity we continued to regularly attend. I was happy there and even just an hour each week made me feel more confident that Flynn was having a lovely time and progressing well.
As Flynn grew, he showed himself to be a very sociable, outgoing individual. He also quickly learned to sign please and thank you and then lots of other signs too. I was thrilled that TT had given us this wonderful connection. It was like magic!
Flynn’s little brother Taliesin was born the following year and we continued to attend classes.
Talking, listening, signing and singing to my children has been a wonderful experience and is still a part of our everyday life. Flynn is now learning letters, enjoying books and shared communication and his little brother has been chatting since he was 12 months old!
We have been very privileged to have attended Maria’s classes. I am mum to two happy, inquisitive little boys and I am sure TT has contributed to this. I will always be so grateful for the positive impact Maria Holloway has had on our lives! – Sarah Barber, Ipswich.”



“Halesowen TinyTalk classes were the first classes I attended with my baby and I stopped looking for other groups after the first few visits.
I have been going to the classes since December 2010 and look forward to class each Monday. Every class is always fun, lots of laughing, talking and learning.
My daughter Phoebe started signing ‘food’ at 9 mounths. I couldn't be happier. I can't wait to see what she signs next and how much fun we will have together when she does.”

- Donna Ellesmore, Cradlley Heath


“Just a quick note to say how pleased I am that we started signing with Gaby. She understands so much more than other children who don't sign. She is talking already (@ 15 months!!) and even putting 2 or 3 words together. "What is it?", "It's my Mummy", "All gone" etc. She often sits and talks to herself when she doesn't think you are there and it is fascinating to hear her. I've attached a photo of her signing 'please'.

Thanks for creating a whole new dimension to toddlerhood!!”

- Sarah Rogers, Isle of Wight


“When I first went to TinyTalk I was a bit dubious about what to expect and thought it would be just a bit of fun. I didn't expect Sofia to learn so much so quickly. Not only has she now started to sign with her first sign being bye-bye but she's also growing into a very confident and happy little girl and I think TinyTalk plays a big part in that. Our teacher Jackie at our class in Woodside makes it a wonderful and personal experience ensuring that both mum or dad and baby enjoy the class every single time. I really look forward to going each week!”

- Amelia Brighthead, Woodside


“TinyTalk with Helen was so much fun! I learnt loads and Faye just loved me making the movements. Faye started TinyTalk when she was 19 months, and got her first certificate at 20 months (1st few signs) and her 25 sign certificate at 22 months. Going to start TinyTalk Toddlers classes, but she's nearly 3, so she's nearly too old!
Thanks again Helen for teaching Faye (and me!) so much!”

- Amanda Wyatt, Exeter


“I have been coming to the TinyTalk Halesowen class for over a year now and can't imagine my Monday mornings without it. My son started to sign after just 2 visits and now has over 50 signs. It makes my life so much easier to be able to understand him. He even signs in two languages which is very helpful! Sarah Barnsley is very energetic, knowledgeable and fun to be around. I have recommended TinyTalk to all my friends with babies!”

- Tatsiana Marchek, Halesowen


“It was absolutely wonderful to meet you, you are fantastic at what you do and both me and Laura have enjoyed every moment at TinyTalk. It's a fantastic, superbly run and brilliantly entertaining class to go to!

Well done Jackie P, TinyTalk teacher for Croydon and South Norwood”

- Sophia Marnham, Croydon


“I just wanted to say how much we have enjoyed the TinyTalk classes in Altrincham. I don’t know whether you have rewards for your teachers but I would like to say how brilliant I think Andrea Julyan is.

Andrea is always enthusiastic and great fun. She has a fantastic sense of letting the children get involved or not (as my son sometimes doesn’t) but also has the right discipline that everyone has a chance to enjoy the classes. If you have prizes for any of your teachers, please put a big yes vote from myself and Oscar and also our grandparents who have very much enjoyed the classes they have attended.”

- Helen Wong, Altrincham


“I started TinyTalk classes in September and have twins that are 14months old and both are having so much fun. I also have 2 older children and I have never been to a class where we have been so welcomed and had so much fun and learnt things as well. It is lovely to be able to communicate with my twins through signing, and my older two (aged 8 and 5) enjoy practicing the signs at home too.

I just wanted to say what a fantastic job Charlotte does at taking the class. Her enthusiasm is infectious and makes the class so much fun. She is always willing to help if I need an extra pair of hands. Charlotte will always make the time to speak to people individually, she is never in a hurry when the class in over. Charlotte is a credit to Tiny Talk and I wanted you to know what a fantastic job she does at making the class what it is, and I am looking forward to the new term in January.”

- Polly McPherson, Northampton


“Thank you so much Maria. We are now seeing the rewards of your classes! Annie is now signing away very happily. Everyone who is yet to find out about TinyTalk is amazed when they see it. ‘All gone’, ‘dog’, ‘bird’, ‘frog’ and ‘rain’ are her favourites and she has made up her own sign for ‘shower’! It is a wonderful gift to be able to communicate and understand what she is thinking/looking at before she can speak. THANK YOU!!!!!”

- Caroline Martin, Yeovil


“Bethany and I started baby signing classes when she was 6 months old. She is now 14 months old and signing over 40 different words. It is a huge benefit to her communication skills. I know what she's trying to say or sometimes just what she is looking at or wants.

I recommend every Mum takes their baby to TinyTalk classes. I think my baby's vocabulary has also been accelerated because when she is signing AND trying to say something I know what it is and can repeat the word. There is no confusion over what she is trying to say so that she learns the word she needs quicker. Bethany and I still go to classes because we both really enjoy them. The singing, playing, company, tea and chat are always good. Give it a try and you'll never look back.”

- Vicky Russell, Newcastle


“We have both had a wonderful time at your classes and I have to say that signing does help especially with Will being a second child. He is usually very frustrated that he cannot do everything his brother can but his non verbal communication is absolutely excellent. My husband and I both notice a difference between him and his older brother when he was the same age. I will continue to use the signs I have learnt as they really do give me a better connection with Will. ”

- Jennifer Denton, Glasgow


“Signing has been so useful to us as a family far we have always managed to work out what it is Alasdair wants to say to us. Also, it's fascinating to see what he is interested in and what he has spotted when we are out and about! His love of the animal signs has been lovely to see! It has given him a chance to show his personality when he has been unable to put his thoughts into words! I am so proud of Alasdair’s achievements. I can share this with him when he is older. I can hardly believe he could sign when he was so small. And thank you Helen.

We love the classes so much, all I have to do is sing the welcome song to him, and he smiles!”

- Rachel Wallis, Teinbridge


“Back in 2007, I took Max to TinyTalk and he became the first child to sign in Julia's class. Now I take my youngest child Lucas who really enjoys the classes and has already begun signing his first word 'milk' as the picture shows. Max now likes to help his little brother Lucas with other signs.”

- Vicky Black, Cramlington


“I went to see Jimmy Carr at our local theatre and he wanted to know who had an interesting job so he could interview them. It was actually the fact that I used to get turned into a tiger twice a day whilst a magician's assistant that made him choose me out of the 2000 strong audience, but when he asked me what I do now he was very interested so we had a chat about my new job as a TinyTalk baby signing teacher whilst Hastings listened !!”

- Lisa Chester - Linskey, Hastings


“Right from the outset we were made to feel very welcome. Violet is just over 20 months (and was a premature baby, so she would be around 18 months now if she had gone to term) and she is already talking and making sentences of her own. I'm not sure how this compares generally to other young children, but she does seem to be talking more than many of the other babies we know which were born around her due date, and I am certain that this is mainly due to the TinyTalk classes.

It seemed to take quite a while to get her first sign ('Mummy' at just over a year, actual age), then just a few months later she easily clocked up 50 signs, and very quickly moved on to saying the words. We still use the signing at times, when singing songs, and in other circumstances - perhaps when in a picture it's not clear to Violet if it's a cow or a horse - I'll make the sign, then she can tell me correctly.

That aside, the group is just lovely. Jackie & Eddie are both so friendly and welcoming, providing a warm environment to share tea, biscuits and chat with other Mums & carers. As I'm not from this area, attending this group has gone a long way towards making me feel part of the local community. I must confess that the last few weeks I think we've been coming for me more than Violet!”

- Lizzie Gosling, Croydon


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