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""We have been coming to TinyTalk since Liz's very first class and have loved every minute of it! Daisy has developmental delays due to a brain condition and the use of signing has been recommended by the professionals who work with her. Liz's brilliant teaching has meant that I now know many signs and we are able to use them with Daisy to help her to communicate. Most importantly Daisy loves the singing part of the class and I've not only learnt lots of new songs but how to sign them too!

Chandler's Ford
""My little girl (actually a not-so-little 1yr old) and I have been regulars at Liz's Tiny Talk class since she was just 6 months. We both love the classes, which have been a brilliant introduction to Baby Signing. The Tiny Talk classes have a different theme each week, teaching the core signs needed for daily activities, such as bath time, eating/drinking, and going to the park. By practicing them through nursery rhymes and simple songs, my daughter has lots of fun, whilst helping me learn lots of signs, which I can then use at home (with/without the singing). It's clear that my little one enjoys the classes, and she has started to anticipate when we sign 'again' that something will be repeated. Since starting the class she has grown in confidence, and will often be one of the first babies reaching for a shaker, or toy from the toy bag. The classes have also been a great place for me to chat to other mums over a cup of tea and a biscuit! Liz has been an excellent teacher, she shows genuine interest in how all the babies are getting on, and how the signing is going at home. Even providing Tiny Talk certificates when the babies make their first sign! I started going to TinyTalk to find a way to communicate with my daughter before she learns to speak, but I've found it so much fun, it's now one of the highlights of our week!

Chandler's Ford
"""I had been thinking of joining a baby signing class for some time but as a second time mum (excuses!) I didn't get round to it until Yasmin became incredibly frustrated at her inability to be understood. She was continuously whining, I was irritable, I knew I had to do something. Thankfully we found Liz at Tiny Talk and within a fortnight Yasmin did her first sign 'where'. Liz is an excellent teacher, her classes are fun and she takes the time to talk to parents individually and praise each of the babies when they use signing. Her advice to our personal situation accelerated our use of signing and within the first term we were on our way to a happier future. I thoroughly recommend Tiny Talk to anyone thinking about starting baby signing. Yasmin is proof that it is never too late. (She was 16 months when we started). Thank you Liz for making such a positive and important change in our lives."
Hannah and Yasmin,
Chandlers Ford
""I started coming to Liz’s Tiny Talk classes with my boy / girl twins, Oliver and Imogen, when they were 9 months old, accompanied by Grandma for an extra pair of hands! I wanted to use Baby Signing as I thought it may help counter any frustration (for the babies and for me) in early communication when trying to deal with two hungry / tired / excited babies! I had already started a few simple signs before starting the classes - for example milk from very early days, and food and drink from when we started solid foods but it wasn’t until we had been coming to Liz’s class for a term that I really saw Oliver and Imogen starting to respond. It seemed that all of a sudden, Imogen really started to take off and she started responding to more and more signs - we were just amazed how she almost seemed to add a new sign to her vocabulary every few days. By the time she was 15 months old she had shown us at least 30 signs, and although they were not perhaps completely accurate or consistent they were clear enough for us to understand. Oliver followed a slightly steadier path which simply highlighted the fact that every child is different, but he gradually increased his range of signs and both he and Imogen have enjoyed the songs and interaction of the classes. Oliver and Imogen now use their signs when ‘chatting’ with their family (Mummy, Daddy and grandparents), when out and about and even when playing or looking at books on their own. It has given us a huge insight into what they are thinking and how much they understand of what is going on around them. Liz’s classes are always friendly and inclusive, attended by mummies, daddies and grandparents alike, and she always manages to ensure that each baby is personally included.
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