Examples of our clever signing babies

Just to show you some practical examples of how baby signing works, wouldn't you love your child to be one of these children?

Scott celebrating his birthday in class with the birthday hat!
Clever Ffion with her 100th sign certificate.

I have noticed that my daughter Shannon understands what i am signing and is copying the signs when we are out, especially for animals. Many Thanks
Stacie Lavery,

Clever Emma with her first sign certificate.
Musical Instrument Fun Time - Go Wild !

These sessions are great for interaction communication and social skills ... Both my nieces and Bethany started signing from an early age.. It's so rewarding to be able to communicate with ur baby. Signing is Bethany's first language along with a few words.. Give ur child a head start.. Xx
Joanne Benson Davison ,

I have to say we have loved every minute of TinyTalk and it's been the forum where I have met some real friends for life. If we are lucky enough to have #2 then it will be my first port of call for definite. Will miss it terribly!
Kelly Nye,

Thank you to Jo for providing entertainment for my little tinytalkers first birthday a must for every party
Leanne Lewis,